Mayan Prophecy Revealed

Even for New Yorkers who remained dry, fed, and with power, this has been a tough week. Hurricane Sandy’s devastation led many to contemplate the doomsday warnings that have circulated about the Mayan prophecy for December 21, 2012.Mayan Prophecy

So my ears perked up when I was invited to meet the Mayan Elders from Guatemala, and to speak in person with Don Tomás Calvo (second from left), the head of the Order of the Mayan Lords, the keepers of the Popol Vuh, the Mayan Book of Creation.

Don Tomás is the Maya’s moral authority, often referred to as the Dalai Lama of the Maya. In this interview, he reveals the true meaning of the prophecy and invites everyone to participate in the ceremonies marking this transition, either with them in Guatemala, or from our homes.

The True Meaning of the Mayan Prophecy

Pamela Miles: What would you like us to know about December 21, 2012?

Don Tomás: The message is inspired by the alignment of the planets. Our solar system is going to become the center of the galaxy.

The significance for human beings is that this presents an opportunity for human beings to change.

There is a cycle that ends and another that begins on December 21, 2012. This gives human beings the opportunity to reflect upon what their next steps will be, with intention, with the opportunity to develop new systems so that they can have new results.

Mayan ProphecyIt’s not a fatal date, nor is it the end of the world. It’s simply a change.

If the stars can align themselves, why not the thoughts of human beings as well? People coming from the north, the south, the east, the west, having the color skin that they have, with the ideas they have, with the intention of uniting hearts, to bring out the best in human beings, and to change this world.

This message is for the leaders of this world and for citizens in the street. It is only in the way they understand this message that we can take advantage of this opportunity.

The Popol Vuh, the sacred book of the Maya, explains that the foundation of life is to express gratitude to the creator of the world, for the time, the sun, the days, for everything.

And only with each person promising to do this, will this change be possible for everyone. That is why we are seeking to unify thoughts and philosophies, but especially the hearts.

And for this reason Don Tomás Calvo, the highest leader of Maya in Guatemala, says to the whole world:

I offer my arm, my foot; shoulder to shoulder, foot to foot we can advance, even though slowly, but surely. And all of this dedicated in the direction of the sun.


PM: Please speak about the importance of balance.

DT: Inside the Mayan culture, there has always existed the idea of duality, like the yin/yang of Asia, where man and woman, with the same mental capacity, join their strengths in order to try to move ahead.

Not only one part, not only men, not only women, because if we were to do it that way, it would be as if one of our feet were larger than other. But we have two feet, and they are the same size, and we walk with both of them.

For that reason, every person must work with duality in their own life. We must be intelligent, but we also must cultivate our heart. And that is what we call emotional intelligence.


PM: Can you offer any advice how we might accomplish this, each of us as individuals?

DT: It’s a very simple method. Every individual, every time you begin your day, should know where the sun rises, and do a prostration.

In that way, you open your spirit to the energy of the sun, to intend to change the way you see things, the way you work, the way you view society, and to begin to communicate with your neighbors, and in your workplace, in order to make your life more enjoyable.

Many of the fears in society begin with the fear of communicating with each other, and every human being must unbind the old ideas in order to release the new creativity.


PM: Am I understanding correctly that community is very important?

DT: It’s important, but it’s also the foundation, the community. When you have to carry a load, if there is only one person, it’s hard to do. With two, it’s a little bit  easier,  but with four or eight or twelve, it becomes much, much easier.

For a group to be successful, everyone must understand this, and members of community need to be clear and honest with one another. Then everyone will want to be in the community, because you feel good and you feel that you are a part of it.

Because if you’re just getting together without honesty and connection, what’s the point?


PM: That’s a very good question, what’s the point? If we remember the point, then it’s easier to make the changes, right?

DT: Yes, that’s the basic truth that every human being needs to overcome their own egotistic way of being. It’s hard to be in community with someone who is always thinking about me, me, me, me.

It is our nature as human beings to be in community, not to be isolated from one another. Living in community, there are other satisfactions that are realized, that don’t come through wealth or money.


Mayan ProphecyPM: In the west, especially in spiritual communities, there is much talk about ego – but usually “your ego,” not so often “my ego.”  It seems there is much wrong understanding about ego. Do you have any advice how we might better understand ego and better be with ourselves, knowing we all have egos?

DT: It’s not that the ego of each person is a bad thing. The problem is the way we interpret it and understand it.

The ego is important. Particularly when we are in difficult situations, it gives us the strength and ability to work through it.

The problems come when a person brings their ego into the community with the intention of showing that their ego is superior to someone else’s ego.

The ego is good for our development. But the highest expression of this development is humility. You can have a PhD in a particular subject, and your ego helped you to achieve that. But you also need to have the patience to appreciate the time it took to achieve that, and also for the person who taught you, the patience they exhibited so that you could achieve your goal.

The short of it is that if our egos help us to contribute to the community, then that’s the proper use of the ego.


PM: I am told you have an invitation from your community to our community. Would you like to share it now?

DT: Every individual must begin each day recognizing the sun. Mayan civilization is going to receive this coming change, and that’s why we’re inviting everyone in the world who can come, to be with us.

And for those who cannot be there, at least to be able to connect to the energy that we will be offering them on December 21, 2012. In that way, we will see how many more people want to make this a better world.

PM: Thank you so much, Don Tomás. I am so grateful to have had this time with you and to support what you are doing. Our goals are the same.

NOTE: The ceremonies in Guatemala will take place on five days, from 19-23 of December. All the principal ceremonies will begin at 11:00 AM Guatemalan time  (which is the same as US Mountain Time, two hours earlier than New York City).

Read Don Tomás’ address on the changing of the Mayan calendar (December 21, 2012).

Bottom photo courtesy Niki Berg.


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8 thoughts on “Mayan Prophecy Revealed”

  1. Thank you, Pamela, for interviewing Don Tomas and getting the word out about this misunderstood prophecy. The true meaning of it gives us cause for hope rather than for despair.

    I find it fitting that the fateful date is December 21. I have always loved the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, because it is a turning point — from then on, each day gets a little longer and a little brighter. Perhaps this December 21 will mark an even more significant turning point for the world, as our shared future begins to gradually grow brighter.

  2. Hi Pamela,
    On first reading the title and lead into this post I was disappointed that you too were speaking of the Mayan Prophecy and doomsday within the same breath. This was never the case. As I knuckled down to write my comment I see clearly that you never implied that at all. There were and are rumors and untruths being picked up by the media, amplified by Hollywood and anyone who loves the taste of fear, associating doomsday with December 21st. It’s so important to stress that its the end of an era, a way of living, a zeitgeist. Not the termination of this planet. And it’s already happened, it’s still happening and will be happening right into the middle of next year at the earliest. December 21 will just be another day to those who are ignorant of the warnings and fear mongering. And a beautiful day, as any day being present in the world, should be.
    Thank you for this important article.

  3. Thank you, Pamela. This is really beautiful and inspiring. It is so nice to see the real message and not the doomsday message that is so often portrayed. What a wonderful opportunity you had to meet with Don Tomas…

    1. It was truly wonderful, Ellen. We sat across the table and he held my eyes as he spoke. He was speaking their indigenous language so my ear understood nothing. But I felt that he was communicating directly to my heart.

      While Don Tomas was responding to my question about community, I typed the word “ego” in my notes as a reminder to ask his perspective. And that was when he was talking about egotistical ways of living interfering with community. Big grin on my face when the translator “told” us what Don Tomas had said.

      Want to go to Guatemala in December? I think they are putting everyone up who comes. Haven’t gotten all the details yet.

  4. Pamela,

    What a wonderful opportunity, and thank you so much for sharing it! Do you know what I love most about it? How similar the message remains–regardless of race, religion, culture–the message remains so consistent. It should give us hope!


    1. Rose, I felt the same way, that Truth is Truth, and I loved that this message has such consonance with our Reiki Precepts, and is just as simple and practical.

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