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Reiki PracticeThis is the view from the back porch. I’m spending an idyllic 10 days close to much that nourishes me — hydrangeas, fresh food, outdoor yoga, and the ocean.

Each day, my nervous system tamps down a notch.

Still, I feel vaguely unsettled. Happily away from the usual, and wrapped in vacation chaos.

On holiday, the only routine I have is my Reiki practice.

Each morning, as sleep rolls away and I stir into wakefulness, my hands find their place, and practice begins. No questions engage my mind; sleep unfolds seamlessly into practice.

No matter where I wake up, or when, I know it’s time to practice Reiki, and I know how.

Routine settles the mind. Left on its own, the mind easily projects into future worry or ruminates on past anger. A Reiki routine shepherds the mind to the present (Today only), helping it feel at home no matter where the body is.

When has your Reiki practice brought you home to yourself? Please scroll down to share your experience in the comment section.


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5 thoughts on “Routine Reiki”

  1. Hey, I have been practicing Reiki for the last 10 years or so and I do believes in its powers. I have experienced spiritual healing on the physical body first hand. Till date, I believe in Reiki and I find it useful to beat the daily stress that all of us suffer today.

    Alok Biyani Kolkata

    1. Thanks, Alok. One of the best parts of Reiki treatment is that we don’t have to believe in it; we just have to experience it and we can see for ourselves what it has to offer us. As we experience the benefits, our Reiki practice becomes a trusted friend that we know we can rely on.

  2. Having just completed Reiki II this weekend, I have to admit your words ring true. After the attunement I finally felt at home in my own skin. Life since then, well, I will just say this… it all makes sense. I am so grateful and excited to have found my path. Big Reiki LOVE!

  3. Judith, thank you for taking the time to write. I am so sorry for your loss.

    Those of us who are able to attend our loved ones and offer Reiki treatment as they pass are so very fortunate. I’ve often felt that the sweet power and depth of our practice shines brightest at end of life. Many blessings to you.

  4. Worked with hospice 7rs when living in NC. My husband became ill late 2008. We moved to western Pa. 1yr ago now. I then became his caretaker full time. It was sending and giving him Reiki that I could see what my other patients had been receiving also when working with Hospice. It gave him the peace needed and unconditional feeling of love from me to him. I was with him totally the past few months until his passing July 15th. Holding him in my arms and rubbing his head, which he loved to make his peaceful transition. Now am working on myself and have another practional also helping me. The pain is at times unbearable and the sadness. But I take each day as it is presented and know that God and Angels will be by my side during my transition back to a life.

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