Simple Reiki Healing

Simple Reiki PracticeLife has been simpler in other times. (So was Reiki practice.)

In those not-long-ago simpler times, the importance of balance was apparent.

Today, the simple recognition of our basic need for balance has been lost. It’s been eclipsed by the speed of life and the technology which supposedly makes our lives easier (and definitely makes a blog possible), but which is increasingly cumbersome to stay on top of.

In the midst of the complexity and busyness of contemporary life, we’re fortunate to have our simple Reiki healing practice.

Keep your Reiki healing simple. Get your hands on yourself. Now’s a good time.

Simple Reiki healing.

Practice. Observe. Contemplate. Repeat.


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3 thoughts on “Simple Reiki Healing”


    I find the question in this letter good.
    The balance between traditional or esoteric ways and modern technological proves is not a question of “back to nature” or “ahead to brave new world”.

    An other question are the autencity and basic mythology of Cultures.
    I once asked a Dr. in Neurology from Korea – what is the basic faith of Korean Culture and he said; “Ki and the forefathers!”

    In the case of Reiki – we are dealing with Japanese culture. What I find interesting about this culture is its ability to make old and new ways work to gather, in a way which, seems very hard in the West to understand.

    However – it seems possible to enter in to a direct and Trans-Cultural transformation of wisdom – with out we have to join the path of western natural sciences.

    I do not see Reiki as an “alternative” to medical sciences or surgery. Trying to adapt to the premises of natural sciences – it is an unstable situation.
    I Ching (54) – says: “The Marrying maiden as a concubine. A lame man who is able to tread.” To make a partnership with one who is not able to grow up – are making Ki go down. Natural Sciences are here the “lame man” – and we should be his Concubine.

    If the western tradition want to be a part of the Trans-cultural transformation and Co-creation according to present Time- Spirit – we are in need of a modern Spiritual Sciences and one of its for fathers were the
    German artist Goethe.

    1. Thank you, Soren. I know you have considerable experience with Japan and Japanese culture, and your perspective is much appreciated.

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