Uncovering the Original You

Reiki healingHenry Matisse told art students, “Don’t try to be original. Be simple. Be good technically, and if there is something in you, it will come out.”

Good advice for art students, and good advice for spiritual practitioners.

Why try to be original when you already are an original?

Practice as you were taught, be patient, and as you settle into a loving relationship with yourself, what is within you will come out.

Practice consistently, every day, and your uniqueness will shine forth as you come to appreciate — and yes, love —  yourself more deeply.

With consistent (not occasional) daily practice, you’ll live anchored in profound self-acceptance, and have the courage to recognize and develop the gift that only you can give the world, and to do so as your authentically unique self.

Reiki originals

We cannot practice being original.

But we can practice consistently, and allow our authentic unique self to find its place in this world.

How has your Reiki practice helped you find yourself? Please scroll down to the comments section to share.


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7 thoughts on “Uncovering the Original You”

  1. Thank you for this post, Pamela. It was a good reminder to just “be” with myself as I am. It seems I have been on an unending self-improvement mission for many years. Reading that my uniqueness will shine forth as I come to appreciate and love myself more deeply was a good reminder to me to check in with how I am feeling about myself, as no amount of self improvement can make up for a lack of love, appreciation, and acceptance for the self. I often forget that on my journey. Reading this post helped me see that my Reiki self-practice can be the daily grounding that I need to come back to my true self and authenticity that is deep within me, not needing to be improved, just needing to be recognized and acknowledged. Thank you!

    1. And thank you, Terri, for making the important point that spiritual practice is so much bigger than self-improvement. Often it’s really our self-concept that could use an overhaul, rather than our self.

  2. One pivitol session that stands out for me took place a few years post divorce. My youngest daughter was packed off to college and I was empty. I hit the “bottom” that I had been actively trying to avoid. Self reiki didn’t seem to be helping, I couldn’t feel anything. It was a classic “dark night of the soul” for me. I asked my sister, a gifted practitioner, for help. The session that resulted gave me a sense of peace that I could not access on my own. I didn’t get any big answers, but I felt okay. It was a foothold and I was grateful. I needed someone else to guide me back to my practice, but I got there. It has been a sustaining influence over the course of the many years since.

  3. I’m still smiling from taking Pamela’s Reiki class 2 weeks ago.
    Such an amazing group came together to share Reiki on so
    many levels. Thank you.
    Reiki is now my daily practice. I have a true practice!
    I am re-discovering my original self and if feels
    quite good. And! thanks for the sleep!
    Again, I smile.

  4. I feel as though Reiki is the binder for the recipe that is my authentic self. The other ingredients may change as my authentic palate develops over time, but Reiki is ever present; the substance that binds the recipe together.
    Reiki is the flax meal “egg” that holds the vegan potato latke that is me together. I love vegan potato latke. :-)

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