Reiki Healing Mom’s Passing

Reiki Healing FamilyReiki Healing Death, and Life
by Cynthia Hannan

Three years ago, I left my first First Degree Reiki healing class feeling disappointed. The teacher spent most of our class time speaking about her life and accolades. There was no mention of the history of Reiki practice, the Reiki Precepts, or Reiki self-practice.

I had no plans to take another Reiki class until I watched Jonathan Fields’ Good Life Project interview with Pamela Miles. I immediately signed up for her First Degree class in New York City (I live five hours away in Virginia) and knew it was a decision that would be life-altering. Indeed, her insistence on daily Reiki self-treatment has been just that.

Daily self practice heals every day

I quickly noticed that my daily practice helps in so many ways that make a difference in my day. I am better at handling my frustrations with the little tasks at hand. When issues need my attention, it’s become easier to stay centered and true to myself as I addressed them.

And then the call from my dad. Mom was in the hospital after a massive stroke. Dad asked what I thought about brain surgery.

I heard in his voice that he had already made up his mind to go forward. My brother and I supported whatever decision he would make.

That night, my Reiki self-practice helped balance my heart and body with what I knew lay ahead.

The following day was filled with packing and an eight-hour drive to my parents in Savannah, Georgia. Trapped with my thoughts in the car, I listened to Broadway tunes and Ram Dass’s “Conscious Dying.”

Healing and dying

When I walked into the Neurological Intensive Care Unit (NICU), it seemed my mom was no longer with us. What I saw was a physical body supported by machines.

The calm within me was palpable. I held her hand in my Reiki hands. I felt blessed to share this time with her in such a special way.

I practiced hours of Reiki for my mom and myself and four days later, she passed.

Those four days were a gift that gave my dad time to get ready to start his life without her.

It was a privilege to be alone with her for her final three hours off all the machines while her heart took the long journey to its last breath. Her room filled with silence, tears, Reiki practice, and all my love for her.

One of the NICU nurses hugged me after mom’s passing and asked how I was able to remain so calm throughout my family’s ordeal. I explained that I practice Reiki self-treatment every day, and that it supports me by balancing my body, mind and spirit.


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