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3 Questions for Reiki Practitioners

10 October 2014

People often ask which questions will help them know who is a “good” Reiki practitioner. Try these three.

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Reiki Practitioner Bad-mouths and Bullies

06 September 2014

We can clarify our Reiki perspective without attacking one another. Here are a few tips.

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Reiki Practice Enters the Business World

05 July 2014

UK Reiki practitioner Julie Yarrow can’t meet in London because, using what she learned in class with me, her work schedule is full well in advance. Here’s how she does it.

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Reiki Magic

24 May 2014

Reiki results may seem magical, but is Reiki practice magic?

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Professional Reiki Skills

17 May 2014

An email inquiry about Reiki classes asked, “How long after I get my First degree certificate can I hang out my shingle?”

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Animal Reiki Practitioner Applicants

29 March 2014

How does a supervisor vet animal Reiki practitioner applicants for a shelter that serves 10,000 animals each year? Dona Duke tells us.

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A Reiki Clinic in an Integrative Medical Center

15 March 2014

In just eight months, Reiki master Jeffrey Hotchkiss built a successful weekly Reiki clinic at an integrative medical office in Maine. Here’s how he did it.

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Reiki Addition

01 March 2014

Thinking of adding to your Reiki healing sessions? Here are a couple of points to consider.

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Reiki Treatment in European Health Care

22 February 2014

Reiki master-in-training Christin Bjergbakke shares her research into the use of Reiki treatment in European health care.

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Reiki Treatment Helped Christina Aguilera Lose Weight (It Can Help You Too!)

14 December 2013

Christina Aguilera credits Reiki treatment for her 30-pound weight loss. Reiki keeps her mind in a good space, strengthens her discipline and helps her eat healthy. What works for Christina can work for you, too!

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