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Reiki practice stairs“I have to leave my apartment. Please send Reiki so I find another one in time.”

“My fiancé broke off our engagement. How can I use Reiki to make him come back to me?”

“I have been using Reiki for three weeks but my hair is not growing back. What am I doing wrong?”

All the above requests — and many more — have found their way to my inbox.

My instinct is always to help, but sometimes I’ve felt stumped, especially when people position Reiki as a magic wand or some kind of magical energy.

Reiki results can seem magical

Truly, the results of Reiki practice can seem magical, at least at first glance. We’ve all heard stories of someone learning to practice Reiki, and a sea of challenges calmed.

But what happened first, before the challenges calmed? The person became calmer. Don’t people who are calmer read situations differently, see opportunities anxious people miss, and make better choices?

Not so magical after all.

Reiki practice isn’t a tool for manipulating the universe or other people, and Reiki practitioners don’t magically get what they want. More often, they come to appreciate what they already have.

It seemed in order to help, I needed to redirect the writers’ attention from Reiki as a thing or an energy that is “used,” to Reiki as a practice.

But how?

After much contemplation, I realized what was needed: I had to redirect my attention away from the request itself, and toward the person who made the request.

Reiki requests

I realized each of those writers was feeling anxious, so preoccupied by anxiety that he/she couldn’t see a way out.

When we are preoccupied and anxious, we will likely continue to be preoccupied and anxious, unless we take action to change our state of mind.

And that’s precisely what Reiki, the practice, does so easily — at least once we get our hands to our bodies.

Reiki helps us help ourselves

Usually the best, most effective help I can offer is to help people help themselves.

So I encouraged all the writers to practice daily hands-on self Reiki consistently, and to practice the Reiki Precepts, especially Today only, do not worry. (And if you write to me, that’s what I’ll tell you, too!)

Additionally, I suggested the about-to-be-displaced woman make a list of features she would like in her new home, practical things such as a view of trees, or a washer/dryer, and rate how important each feature was to her.

I encouraged the jilted fiancée to rely on her self-practice to create a safe haven within herself, so she could explore her feelings rather than manipulating the circumstances, and give herself time to mourn her loss and connect deeply with herself before moving forward.

And to the last writer, I wrote that nothing is more attractive than self-love and acceptance, and shared a bit of wisdom from my dad, who explained his shiny pate by saying, “Grass doesn’t grow on a busy street.”

Reiki practice can help

There is always a way that Reiki practice can help. To me, the most valuable part of practice is that it’s empowering and practical.

No magic required.


8 thoughts on “Reiki Magic”

  1. Hi,

    I attend reiki attument 1 and practising daily . I want to lose weight using reiki is it possible and how . please help me

    thank you .

    1. Swarna, I have seen people lose weight after they started practicing daily Reiki self treatment. This article describes part of why that might happen

      People who are practicing daily self Reiki find they live in a calmer state and make better choices for themselves. Often they are naturally drawn to better health habits, which can make it easier to lose weight. Pop singing star Christina Aguilera describes how receiving Reiki treatment helps her manage her weight

      But please be clear that Reiki practice is not a magic wand to make something suddenly happen out of nowhere. Practice your self Reiki consistently and enjoy the benefits you experience. Make a practical plan for any changes you want to make in your life, and then follow your plan, supported by your daily Reiki self practice. I wish you every success.

  2. I took Reiki level 1 in April and level 2 in May….I have did self-reiki every night before bed ever since level 1….I haven’t had a sinus headache or any headache since….before I had sinus headaches real bad…when everyone at work got the flu this long cold snowy winter…I was the only one that didn’t…they couldn’t believe it…lol…I have lost some weight without trying…after my first attunment…I had a strong urge to eat more healthy fruit and vegetables every day and lost the urge for any alcohol….I drink a lot of bottled water…4-5 a day…so I make sure I never miss a night of self-reiki

  3. Magical: beautiful or delightful in a way that seems removed from everyday life.

    Taking time to disconnect from everyday life in meditation, Reiki practice or indeed acupuncture is magical. Because we can find ourselves again there and that’s not normal practice for society today. I hope it will be, and then, instead of being magical, taking time to become centred and mindful will be normal and expected.

    Reiki isn’t sorcery or the dark arts. That’s where some people get confused when we talk about magic.

    Reiki will always be magical for me, particularly when practicing it with an open heart.

    1. That’s really what I was writing about, Abby, the difference between results that can seem magical, and magic itself.

      And of course since I am writing in the interests of bringing Reiki practice to a broader audience, I am wary of words that can be misleading to that audience.

      My goal is always to represent the simplicity and profound spirituality of Reiki practice in as straightforward manner as possible, and to help others who share the vision of widespread access.

      Thank you for the conversation.

  4. I like the straightforward way you present Reiki however this time I have to disagree. There is something magical about Reiki, even the simple, daily self-practice.
    Perhaps your definition of magic is wanting?
    When you go from highly stressed to calm and peaceful, that’s magical. When you go from fearful and panicked to grounded and focused, that’s magical.
    There is magic in Reiki practice, you’ve just got to open your heart to it.

    1. Abby, we need not agree on the definition of “magical,” but I’m curious why do you consider it magical when Reiki practice settles our system?

      The same thing happens when we meditate; is that magical?

      Or when receiving an acupuncture treatment; is that magical?

      We don’t have to open our hearts to receive the benefits of Reiki practice; we simply have to be willing to experience a session.

  5. My teacher told us that the energy does all the work and that we should get out of the way. We should not have a specific intent, but allow the energy to take us through the healing we need.
    I worked for 2 years offering Reiki in an Aids hospice, on some days the recipient felt better and on others I was assisting the resident into death, the process of dying was much gentler with Reiki.
    I guess the way I see it, is to trust that Reiki is taking us where we need to go.
    This is what I teach my Reiki students

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