Reiki Treatment Helped Christina Aguilera Lose Weight (And Can Help You Too!)

Reiki Treatment Weight LossPopular singer Christina Aguilera credits Reiki treatment for helping her lose 30 pounds and keep it off.

Aguilera, a celebrity coach on the hit TV show The Voice, is quoted as saying, “Reiki puts her mind in a good place and gives her the discipline to eat healthy and maintain weight loss.”

The 32-year-old mom receives Reiki treatment three times a week.

Reiki treatment and weight loss

Reiki treatment is a valuable addition to any weight loss program. Reiki treatment helps you quickly feel more balanced. When we feel balanced, we:

  • feel calmer, more centered
  • make better choices regarding food (and life!)
  • are less inclined toward emotional eating
  • are more stress resilient
  • sleep better (research documents a connection between insomnia and obesity)
  • are more likely to exercise and take better care of ourselves overall.

Reiki self-practice

Kudos to Christina Aguilera for taking good care of herself. But not everyone can receive Reiki treatment three times a week, or even once a week.

That’s why learning Reiki self-practice is such a smart investment.

Anyone who wants to can learn to practice Reiki self-treatment for a one-time fee, in a group First degree Reiki class of around 10 hours. (You will also learn to practice Reiki informally — not professionally — on family, friends, and pets.)

Once you learn how to practice Reiki, you can give yourself a Reiki treatment every day. People often practice Reiki in bed, while waking up or falling asleep.

Daily Reiki treatment lowers your baseline stress and helps your system function more efficiently. An early benefit is that people start sleeping better, so important for weight management. Research shows that people who are tired eat more.

Reiki and emotional eating

Besides your daily Reiki self-treatment, you can practice a few moments of Reiki self-care to balance yourself anytime you feel the urge toward emotional eating. You know how hard it is not to eat when an emotional freight train is building steam within you.

Reiki self-practice calms those emotions quickly, and brings a sense of inner spaciousness and alignment with yourself. As you feel comforted, the desire to overeat subsides. When you feel balanced, you feel better about yourself, more motivated to take better care of yourself.

Reiki is safe

Because Reiki practice is balancing, and because the touch is very light, not at all manipulative, you don’t need a prescription or doctor’s permission to receive Reiki treatment or learn to practice Reiki self-care.

Reiki and you — what’s next?

If you think Reiki treatment might help you, but you want to better understand how, please read this.

If you want to learn Reiki self-practice, it’s important to understand there are no standards for Reiki training. You need to know what to look for when choosing a class so you don’t waste your time and money.

This article will help you identify a credible, qualified teacher in your area. My book, REIKI: A Comprehensive Guide, has an entire chapter with strategies to help you find a qualified Reiki master (to learn) or practitioner (for treatment only).

If you can get to New York City, please take a look at my Reiki class schedule. I offer First degree classes at least once a month, and First degree is all you need for continuing self-care.

If you’re already trained but you’ve fallen away from your practice, just start again.

If you have a question how Reiki practice might help you,  leave it in the comments and I’ll address it promptly. And if Reiki treatment or your Reiki self-practice has helped you maintain a healthy weight, tell us your story so others will be inspired by your success!


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6 thoughts on “Reiki Treatment Helped Christina Aguilera Lose Weight (And Can Help You Too!)”

  1. Hi , I plan on taking reiki class step 1. I started to read about it on line and sort of freaked out about reiki going wrong. I read a web site that said the attunement can be bad for you etc. Long story short, I would like to know what to expect in that attunement. I would like to know how bad can it really get. etc.

  2. Thank you, dear pamela for your beautiful and lovely teachings about Relki treatment. I have been suffering in my life because of different types of sickness in my family. Really, i ‘m happy and very much happy because i have see the light of Relki treatment medicin , through you.. I’m ready to study to enabled me to become a master of healings. Always remain blessed.

  3. Pamela,
    I’m taking my first reiki class in a few weeks by a local practitioner. She suggested that I first go to a reiki share class to try reiki on myself. I am so excited about this whole thing! I always wanted to do a service where I can help people but never was sure in what capacity. My question to you is I would love to one day have my own reiki practice in my home, in your opinion could I make a decent living doing this or not??? I’m curious.
    Thank you in advance,

    Wendy schweitzer

    1. Wendy,

      I love your enthusiasm but you are getting very far ahead of yourself.

      Reiki practice is first of all about you. Daily Reiki self practice is the foundation. Without practicing first on yourself, you haven’t earned the right and privilege to practice on others.

      One of the many benefits of daily Reiki self practice is that we come to see and love ourselves more. If you are patient and consistent in your practice, you will recognize what you truly have and want to offer the world.

      If you discipline yourself to take one step at a time, it will all unfold with grace.

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