A Dog’s (Reiki) Life

Dona M. Duke is a Usui Reiki Master-Teacher in Ann Arbor, Michigan, who divides her time between private practice, clinical work, and pets. Dona shared an inspiring Reiki story with me, and I asked her to share it with you.

by Dona M. Duke

A huge raid brought TV crews to our shelter. Forty-eight Whippets were recovered from a hoarder-breeder-puppy mill.

The dogs were isolated in a large conference room, and the task of medical, physical, and temperament assessments began. Only a few staff members and volunteers were allowed in the confined area.

The dogs had had minimal human contact, and no veterinary care. They had been residing in small, crammed cages.

Whippets run 30 miles per hour. Can you imagine not being able to fully move your limbs, knowing you were made to run?

The director asked me to give the dogs Reiki treatments. The cages were large enough for me to sit inside. The first dog was a pregnant female. For 25 minutes, she just laid her head in my lap, relaxing during her treatment. I continued on, staying with some dogs longer than others.

A two-year-old blue male was allowed to wander freely. He was skittish and untrusting, and watched me the whole time.

I treated 16 dogs. When a crew of three arrived at 5 PM to feed the dogs, I knew I was running out of time.

The blue male suddenly walked up to me, sat in my lap, laid his head over my right shoulder with his face looking toward the staff, and pressed his body into mine in such a loving way, as though he wanted to melt right into me!

I placed my hands on each of his shoulders and tried not to move. The staff went silent. He stayed there for 10 minutes. When he walked away, the movements began again to prepare the food, and go on with the work of integrating the dogs back into health, balance, and sociability.

Momma delivered six healthy pups an hour later.


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8 thoughts on “A Dog’s (Reiki) Life”

  1. I was practicing Reiki on my horse who has occasional heat and swelling in the right knee with subsequent limping. She stood still and put her cheek near my cheek. She walked away after 10 minutes. The next day I came to the pasture and called “who wants Reiki?”. She walked over to me and put her right leg between my outstretched hands.

  2. Well, my jack russell suffer from urinary calcium crystals. After 2 or 3 sessions we went to veterinary to collect some samples, and what was my surprise when we collected urine with a catheter: many little black seeds. The veterinarian said: “I’ve never seen it before”. And the results were grateful. Low calcium crystals, no bilirubin…

  3. Tina M. Messervy

    I had been very fortunate to perform Reiki on several dogs in an animal hospital while they were recovering. I was brought to tears with some and others I could feel thier positive energy…It was an incrediable experience for me which I will always remember as a wonderfrul training and building experience for my Pratice…

  4. What a great story and lovely to hear that Reiki was the modality used to support the puppies recovery. It’s such a gentle modality that animals respond really well to it. I am sure that animals are sometimes more open to the energetic space created between client and practitioner. A great story. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  5. I love treating animals with Reiki. They just soak it up. My Toy Fox Terrier Norman is not a lap dog. He doesn’t like to be held or cuddled. However, a year ago, he jumped of my second story balcony. Fortunately, he did not break any bones, but he was sore and bruised. He allowed me to pick him up and hold him in my arms doing Reiki on him for about 20 minutes. Since then, he will periodically want me to hold him and do Reiki on him. He gets some Reiki and I get some cuddle time.

  6. I had a very interesting thing happen to me.One day i was talking to a friend and her daughter breeds pug.Apparently he must of been jumping around too much playing with it`s siblings and really hurt his back.It was the nerve in his back.he had lost control of is bowels and bladder he also, was dragging his leg.I offered to do reiki on him.I worked with him for about an hour for about 3 times.Today he is running and playing .You can`t even tell that he has such a trauma.Now whenever he sees me, he is my new found friend.

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