Reiki Helps a Child with Cancer (& his Mom)

Reiki HealingA mom emailed me looking for a Reiki master, and told me why. I asked if I might share her family’s story with you, while maintaining their privacy. The mother’s wish is that their experience helps other patients and families receive Reiki healing. Please help her wish come true by sharing her family’s story widely. —

Reiki Healing
in Pediatric Oncology

“It’s been five long/short years since my son Michael was first diagnosed with AML leukemia. He was just nine years old.

Michael was an inpatient at Boston Children’s Hospital (CHB) for more than four months. His treatment included a bone marrow transplant, and his then eleven-year-old sister was his ‘perfect match’ donor. In spite of the harsh side effects from chemo and radiation, my son flourished and was very healthy after his transplant.

Sadly, on December 26 this past year, my beautiful son suffered a relapse.

Once again we found ourselves at CHB for treatment, and once again Michael’s sister (now 16) was his donor.

Michael was extremely sick this time around, suffering many infections due to not having an immune system during treatment. He also suffered heart failure and spent two weeks in the ICU.

Michael’s nurses encouraged him to let them practice Reiki when he felt sick. The nurses promised Reiki treatment would not hurt, and would help him feel better. Michael loved his nurses, so he agreed to give it a try.

I was desperate for my son to feel better.

The pediatric oncology nurses are such special caregivers, as close to being angels as humans can get. I believed the nurses when they said Reiki treatment would help.

As I watched my son’s nurse start his Reiki treatment, I saw a calmness wash over him immediately. Just moments before, he had been extremely nauseated in spite of all the medications he’d been given to calm his belly.

Michael actually fell asleep as his nurse slowly placed her hands on his weakened little body. He slept calmly for a couple of hours and awoke no longer sick to his stomach.

I was truly amazed. Every time the nurses practiced Reiki on Michael, many times for many different reasons, his nausea or pain always subsided.”

Reiki healing for mom’s headache

“One of my son’s nurses found out I had a horrible headache. I was under a lot of stress and completely sleep deprived. I never left my son during the four months he spent in the hospital.

Michael’s nurse approached me and offered to help me get rid of the headache. I happily accepted. I had never experienced Reiki before.

When she first moved her hands near my head, I noticed a sensation like little electrical sparks in my head, and I felt heat at her hands. My headache intensified, and then slowly melted away.

After the treatment, she told me she felt heat especially when her hands were on my stomach, and asked if my stomach had been hurting. I told her yes; I have Crohn’s disease.

I was again amazed.

My headache was gone and I felt almost giddy, in a good way — not a feeling you get on the oncology floor. My son and I both had a positive experience with Reiki and now I want to learn to practice.”

Do you know a family or a health care professional who might benefit from Michael’s story? Please share this encouraging story widely with healthcare professionals and your friends.

I’ve written a peer-reviewed medical paper, Reiki Support for Cancer Patients, detailing how Reiki practice support people addressing cancer. If you’re under the care of an oncologist, print it out and hand it to your doctor.


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2 thoughts on “Reiki Helps a Child with Cancer (& his Mom)”

  1. Hello Pamela,
    I met you recently at a day of beauty for cancer survivors at the Urban Zen Center. I am a UZIT and volunteer at Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital in the PICU Tower 9N and 9S. I’m looking for funding to be permanent there. The hospital wants to help write a grant for my work.
    Can you give any insight to where I might start to look for funding?
    I would appreciate any suggestions.
    Thank you and I love reading about you and your work with reiki.
    All the best,
    Joy Mancini

    1. I wish you all the best with your efforts to get funding, Joy.

      There is no simple answer to your question but I can make two suggestions. First, ask the hospital to put you in touch with their development and funding people. They know private donors who might have an interest in supporting your work. Second, research online for funding sources relevant to the population you serve.

      Have you considered taking my Reiki & Medicine Intensive? It would support your work in many ways. There is still a space in the November 30-December 2 intensive. Click here to learn more and email me through the contact form if you have any questions.

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