The Joy of Treatment

Reiki HealingI overheard this conversation recently in an elevator. I don’t know what condition was being discussed.

Woman: If you treat, it lasts seven days. If you don’t treat, it lasts seven days.

Man: So you’re saying whether I get treatment or not, it will last seven days.

Woman: Yes, that is what I am saying.

Man: Then why do you offer me all these treatment ideas, if it’s not going to make a difference?

Woman: Because I am a nurse. I like to treat people.

Reiki practitioners enjoy treatment

Many Reiki practitioners know how she feels. We, too, like to help. And we enjoy the experience of giving a Reiki treatment.

Unlike the nurse in the elevator, we get used to seeing complaints resolve faster than usual when Reiki treatment is offered.

For example, my clients’ surgeons often comment that their patients are healing from surgery three times faster than the norm.

In what situations have you seen the balancing effects of Reiki treatment help the body — yours or someone else’s —  heal faster than expected? Please share your anecdote in a comment below.


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12 thoughts on “The Joy of Treatment”

  1. There have been so many instances where reiki has been of immense help- healing my mother’s cancer, giving her immense relief after her hip ball replacement surgery. She managed to heal very quickly inspite of her 36 kg weight.Even during the 3 surgeries she had received distance healing .Some people call reiki voo doo ,then there are others who call it magic!

  2. My best friend recently sustained a brain injury due to a fall from her bike.
    She was not wearing a helmet. I began offering reiki in the ER and continued treatment throughout her 26 day stay in the hospital.
    She often had periods where she was unable to quiet herself or turn off.
    She became manic and it caused a great deal of head pain. Within 5 minutes of reiki treatment she would begin to quiet and usually fall
    asleep. The reiki was able to settle and calm her. It allowed her to sleep
    deeply which was so essential to her recovery.

    1. Thank you, Ellen, for adding this story of Reiki treatment helping with TBI. I have witnessed and heard many similar stories. This is a situation in which Reiki treatment can make a critical difference and I hope we will see Reiki treatment integrated into conventional care of TBI in much the same way we are seeing Reiki treatment integrated into conventional cancer care.

      You make an important point that is too often missed in Reiki circles, that Reiki treatment helped your friend’s system self-heal.

      We often don’t recognize just how essential sleeping well is to healing and to maintaining health.

  3. My hubby was recently diagnosed with cervical bone spurs which were causing a loss of strength in his right hand. Also having alot of pain. I offered him Reiki, each time I did a treatment he was so relaxed he fell asleep before I even moved past his head. Now he asks for it, claiming it helps him more than the RX the doctor ordered. Up until this point he would refer to Reiki as “voo doo”. He has regained the strength in his hand an continues to ask for treatment stating ” Reiki seems to be the best thing helping him to get past this”. :-)) I find people are skeptical of something that is not tangible.

    1. Cheryl, people are also skeptical of things that they don’t understand. Reiki practice is often presented in rather incredulous ways, and without mentioning that Reiki treatment is not condition-specific, but rather helps the system restore balance, optimizing self-healing. This doesn’t give someone new to Reiki much to go on when deciding whether or not it might be helpful to them.

      Mrs. Takata often said, “Remove the cause and you will remove the effect.” One of the advantages of Reiki practice is that we don’t have to identify the cause because the practice helps to restore balance throughout the entire system.

  4. I live on the ninth floor of an 18-floor building. This results in a lot of electricity bill savings if we open windows on parallel walls of the flat, since the cross-ventilation is enough to cool the entire home. However, it also causes the doors to bang shut very heavily if they are not properly secured with the doorstops. Recently, my mother sliced off the top of one of her fingers in a door. It was eleven at night – we just gave her a 30 minute Reiki treatment to the finger, and washed off all the blood that was gushing out. When I took her to the doctor the next day, she was insistent that my mother should get the wound stitched up surgically so that there is no loss of sensation and the healing proceeds properly. However, my mother refused, saying she would first like to try Reiki-ing the wound. After a week of daily two hours of Reiki to her finger, the wound has healed up and is perfectly fine.

    I also remember another sports-injury related incident from school – it was the annual sports day at our school, and one of my friends was running a number of different races, from 100 metre sprints to a 3,200 metre relay race. He kept getting these cramps in his calf muscles that were extremely painful and debilitating. I took him aside after his warm sessions and gave him a few minutes of Reiki, after which he was perfectly fine and went on to win 4 medals that day. I am happy to note here that today, he is a Reiki master himself.

  5. Zinnia (Nancy) Politzer

    At my first out – patient visit to my orthopedic surgeon follow my first hip replacement, he commented, ” What ever voodoo you’re doing, keep it up!”. I had healed faster than is usually expected. And again, last summer after laparoscopic surgery, the surgeon’s face changed as she examined the three incisions then commented, “They’re healed!”.

  6. Edith Schwartz

    The dog of a friend had been x-rayed. The results showed a mass on it’s right kidney. It was expected to live no more than 4 weeks. I did a treatment with a brief follow-up booster. A few months later, the dog was still bouncing around like a normal dog. It was x-rayed again. The mass was completely gone. They have no answer as to why : )

  7. I saw a woman who had just begun a clinical trial of a new chemotherapy drug for lung cancer. She was, among other things, extremely fatigued and anxious. After an hour of reiki, she stood up and said her fatigue and anxiety were entirely gone.

  8. Ellen M. Gregg

    Early last spring, my youngest brother had a bicycle accident that all but incapacitated his left arm. He couldn’t make a tight fist, and he couldn’t raise it more than shoulder height.

    I first learned of it when I saw him at our mother’s for dinner the day after it happened. He was in serious pain. I put my hands on his arm with his permission, but was only able to do so for about 20 minutes, and it wasn’t enough. I asked his permission to complete a distant session later that evening, and he agreed.

    When I got home, I facilitated the distant session, then went to bed. The next morning, he texted me that his arm was completely healed. Full range of motion was restored, he could make a tight fist, and he was off to work. He still references it on occasion, because it was his first experience with Reiki, and it was an unforgettable one.

  9. This happened two years ago. My daughter had been training all season (a college swimmer) and was preparing for her community college conference championships which if she did well enough, would get her to State (CA) champs, which would occur one week after her conference champs. 3 weeks before conference, she was at her last swim meet, a pentathalon of 5 individual events. Her second to last event of that day, she jammed her thumb in the wall on her finish, spraining it. She had one more event after that, her specialty event (the breastroke) and had to swim well. She was in pain but determined she could do it. She won that race, but dislocated that same thumb during the swim. The trainers wrapped it up, we went home, daughter is distraught as this will definately deter her training for what will be the biggest two meets of her season (and hopefully get extend her swimming career into a four year collete). At this point, I was only two months into my Level I Reiki. I didn’t even think to use Reiki on her, until three days later when she was in pain, not able to swim with her thumb taped up and was still swollen. Finally, it dawned on me, do Reiki on her!! I gave her 30 minutes that night which was a Tuesday evening. Wednesday morning, she got up early and was off to school. We didn’t even talk about her thumb and it wasn’t even until late that afternoon until after her practice did we speak. She was so excited when I picked her and said “Mom, my thumb feels great!” Turns out, she now had mobility whereas she hadn’t before, she was able to swim at practice normally with no pain and the swelling was gone. Her trainer was amazed at the transformation from the day before! For good measure, I continued to give her Reiki several times after that, even though it felt great and had made an amazing turn around with only one treatment.

    My daughter went on to go to conference and State and won her event at both meets and set a State and National record at State championships…3-4 weeks after that sprain and dislocation in which she was told it could take 6 weeks to even heal. The fact that she could even train normally FOUR days after it occured thanks to Reiki was astounding. My daughter got a 2 year full ride scholarship to a great college to finish up her swim career because of that State meet!

    One last thing…three hours before she was to go and compete in finals for the event that she won and set the new records in…she was very nervous, going up against the girl that had beat her the previous year and currently held the state record. I did a 45 minute full body Reiki treatment on her and she was so relaxed and ready for that race. When she got back to the pool for warm ups prior to the meet, her coach was clocking her at times she hadn’t swum all season. He was like WOW! Reiki’s healing and calming energy is beyond words, and I’m so thankful to have been able to witness and be a conduit for it.

  10. Mary D is a nurse I worked with when I worked med-surg nights. She was smart, skeptical, and sarcastic. Mary was a night supervisor for the whole hospital. She was great in a medical emergency…

    One night Mary D came to me with a sore arm. She’d had an immunization and her upper arm was red, warm, hard, and swollen. The induration, or hardness, was about the size of a quarter.

    She said, “Hey, put your hot hands on me.’

    I did as she asked, and we chatted for about a minute. Then she said, “Hey, your hands aren’t hot anymore.”

    So I said, “Well, I guess I’m done, then.”

    She felt her arm. Then she looked at it, startled. “Look!” I was astonished myself. The redness was gone. Heat and swelling: gone. We felt her arm and there was a tiny hard area, small as a grain of rice.

    ~from my book, Reiki Nurse. Meredith Kendall

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