Growing Happiness

Reiki HealingSometimes nature makes it easy to see new growth, announcing it with bright color.

With people, healing and new growth may not be so visible.

We have to be steady and mindful.

Steady enough to practice daily self-Reiki. Mindful enough to notice spaciousness as it opens within us.

In spaciousness lies the possibility of choice where before there was only reaction. And we know where reaction takes us…

The next time you feel cramped, reach for your Reiki self-practice. As your awareness becomes spacious, bring the Reiki Precepts to mind.

Today only,
Do not worry,
Do not anger.

With thankfulness,
Work diligently.

Be kind to others.

Engaging the Precepts invites new understanding. Reflecting on them clarifies whether to take action in this moment, or refrain from acting.

With steady, mindful practice, we grow true happiness.

What new growth and happiness has your Reiki practice brought you? Please click here to share in a comment.



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3 thoughts on “Growing Happiness”

  1. Reiki saved me life and brought me home after years of searching. I was suffering from chronic depression and then a complete breakdown following the death of my mother. It allowed me to release a ton of emotional baggage freeing me up to shift to a beautiful new rebirth as I turned 60 recently.

    Reiki is my very breath ~ I am reiki!

  2. Self care has been my lifesaver. It is now part of my life and everything I touch. Reiki has brought new meaning and illumination to my life and is leading me on so many wondrous new paths of enlightenment. You have been an inspiration to me Pamela and helped me embrace Reiki self care as a life and spiritual practice.

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