Reiki healingPutting away a favorite teapot, I notice a chip.

Not the first chip on this well used teapot.

Somehow the chips make it even more dear to me.

I prefer objects adorned by use, and homes decorated with a patina of stories. By contrast, freshly minted objects can be off-putting in their exterior perfection, an accident waiting to happen.

Of course I sport more than a few chips of my own. Years of daily practice have carried me through life’s relentless chipping, and on to tell the tale.

And even more important, daily practice enables me love the chips — and myself, chips and all.

Daily practice — of reiki, meditation, prayer, yoga, tai chi, or whatever appeals — keeps us connected to our wholeness even when life swerves, skids and fragments.

Today only.

How has your daily practice supported you through life’s chips? Please share your story as a comment. Who knows whom you might inspire!

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9 thoughts on “Chipped”

  1. hi pamela

    i am raja a reiki master and teacher,counsellor and therapist;want to have any news about holistic therapy ‘.iam so interested,it is very hard to practice that specially here in saudi arabia,thanks

  2. Dear Zahra

    I know a Reiki master in Dubai whom I can personally vouch for – I have known her since childhood, and have admired her for her intgerity, strength and ability to laugh at herself and at life. She sticks to Reiki as she learnt it – I did First Degree from her.

    Please let Pamela know if you are interested in learning Reiki from her – she can then provide you with my email ID or our Reiki centre’s website.

  3. I read a number of articles on Reiki. But we don’t have any classes in Saudi Arabia. If anyone could help me that, I’d be very grateful.

  4. Reiki has allowed me to be kinder and more generous with myself
    as well as others. I find that I am less critical and less judgmental.
    Those tapes that would play over and over again in my head, of perceived
    wrongs or slights have been quieted. It has created genuine space inside
    of me for serious growth and best of all sincere forgiveness.
    Life’s difficulties are faced with balance, which makes all things

    1. Thank you, Ellen, for so simply stating how Reiki self-practice transforms our experience of ourselves. I couldn’t agree more with your statement that when life’s difficulties are faced with balance, all things become possible. It all starts with the inner spaciousness that practice creates.

  5. So happy to be of help, Patsy.

    Beautifully expressed, Suneil. I especially loved reading that your Reiki practice supported your logical thinking. We need to hone the capacity for both intuition and critical thinking if we want to be well rounded, fulfilled people, and practitioners equipped to carry Reiki practice to the mainstream public in any culture.

    Thank you both for taking the time to write.

  6. Having learnt Reiki when I was in school, I was constantly in ‘touch’ with my feelings and thoughts, and consequently others’ as well. It helped me emerge from my dry, shell-like personality armour into a warmer person. Soon I became a counselor to my peers for all kinds of problems: although it gave me a different kind of high, I also started feeling worn out by the constant neediness around me. My Reiki master gently guided me to stick to Reiki and lay off the counseling. As I guided others to the path of Reiki and continued with my own Reiki practice, my eyes somehow just started taking in more and more of my surroundings. Although the practice of Reiki helped expand my consciousness, I was not sufficiently mature to handle a lot of things that resulted from it – tumultous relationships, excessive sentimentality, and a tendency to ‘space out’ and not pay enought attention to the material world, the here-and-now. Again my Reiki master’s gentle but extremely clear guidance held me straight in this part of journey – he told me I can escape into monasticism if that’s what my heart desires, but the primary work to be done is in realizing my own Self, and working on and examining my beliefs and intentions. Again Reiki supported me as I made a difficult transition from the right brain to the left brain – during six years of technical and business education and four years of working in an extremely intellectually demanding career, Reiki has helped me nourish my ability to think clearly. Now I feel that it has not been a one-sided development either – at the same time as developing my logical brain, Reiki has given me the gifts of intuition, a balanced heart, and gentle awareness. To be able to appreciate simple, home-cooked meals, to be able to sit with your family and friends in joyous conversation and peaceful silences – these are all gifts that Reiki has helped me unfold within myself even as it took away hard scales of armour around my heart that felt extremely painful at the time it was happening. And the journey, I suspect, is always going to remain a journey, with each step taken in mindfulness and love letting me see more and more of my own Self reflected back in all my actions, thoughts and words, and in the world around me

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