The I Practice Self Reiki Every Day Badge of Honor

When I leaSelf-Reiki Badgerned to practice self Reiki in 1986, I had been a student of meditation and yoga for 25 years.

I understood that, like meditation and yoga, Reiki is a spiritual practice. I knew if I wanted to be happy, to heal and to grow, I needed to practice self Reiki every day.

So that’s what I did. And practicing self Reiki every day has made all the difference.

Do you practice self Reiki every day?

If you practice self Reiki every day, you too know the difference it has made in your health and well-being, in how you feel about yourself and your life, your sense of meaning, and the quality of your relationships.

And when life got tough, you know how your daily practice sustained you.

Knowing how profoundly your daily self Reiki has supported you, you want others to know Reiki practice can help them too.

Daily self Reiki, our primary value

The Reiki community is very diverse, yet practitioners from various lineages and practice styles practice their own version of self Reiki every day.

Self practice is our primary value, a value which connects us beyond the diversity of our individual practice styles.

Our daily Reiki self practice brings us home to ourselves, and unites us with all Reiki practitioners who value daily self practice.

It’s time to share our primary value — the simplicity and effectiveness of daily Reiki self care — with the world.

Show the world you practice daily Reiki self treatment

Reiki is widely seen only as a treatment one gets from someone else. That’s too bad.

We know Reiki is so much more than that; it is a simple, accessible practice for self care. How can we get that message to the public?

I have an idea…

Post the I Practice Self Reiki Every Day badgeSelf-Reiki Badge

It’s time people who practice daily self Reiki had a badge of honor — and now you do!

I’ve made it very easy for you to tell your community you practice daily Reiki self treatment: a badge that can be freely and easily shared by everyone who shares the value of daily Reiki self practice.

Telling people about your daily practice is a service to your community. If you are a home practitioner, it shares your Reiki enthusiasm with your friends so they can find out more if they want to.

If you are a professional, it distinguishes you as a committed, serious Reiki practitioner, someone who walks the walk instead of just talking the talk.

Knowing you value the practice enough to make it part of every day helps people who respect you to respect Reiki practice.

Please publish this badge on your own site or Facebook page, or share it in an email. It’s easy — just copy and paste or drag and drop it where you want it. The badge links to a page that explains why your daily self Reiki is so important. And you can leave a comment below with a link to where you have displayed the badge.

Thank you for all you do to make thoughtful, credible approaches to Reiki practice visible to the mainstream public.

Let’s start a Reiki movement

Let’s move Reiki practice to a place of greater visibility and respectability in the mainstream.

Let’s move your friends to ask you about how your Reiki self practice helps you.

Let’s move people into your Reiki classes where you demonstrate the value of daily self practice through your own committed self care.

Let’s move people onto your Reiki professional table because they are impressed by your commitment to your practice and your self care.

And most important, let’s continue to move our Reiki hands to ourselves for our daily self practice.

To show the world that you practice daily Reiki self treatment, drag and drop the badge or copy and paste the code into your web page, blog post, or email. The most common languages are here, and more are available on the Reiki Self Treatment page.


Self-Reiki Badge
English I Practice

Self-Reiki Badge
English We Practice

Self-Reiki Badge

Self-Reiki Badge

Self-Reiki Badge

Find badges in more languages on my Reiki Self Treatment page.

* We’ll make the Badge available in your language too! Just send me a translation.


 If you sign up here, I promise to stay in touch!

41 thoughts on “The I Practice Self Reiki Every Day Badge of Honor”

  1. Cara Pamela,

    Gratidão emocionada por nos disponibilizar o selo gratuitamente!
    Muitas e grandes Bençãos à VOCÊ, obrigada por existir e ter essa Alma tão generosa!
    Abraços fraternos e Reikianos

  2. I am an Licensed Practical Nurse, and I know the importance of Reiki in a nurse’s life, because our duty is stressful and tiring Stress, depression, and anxiety to mention few are common with us. Practicing Reiki has profound effects on me. It help me manage my stress, promotes balance and peace, make me productive, energetic, and clear minded. It is a honour to share your Reiki badge.

    1. And it is an honor to have you share it, Alexina. I have taught many nurses to practice Reiki, at NY Presbyterian/Columbia and Children’s Hospital at Montefiore, always with the value that the care of the patient begins with the care of the caregiver. Let me know if John Jay would be interested in a Reiki presentation.

  3. Hi Pamela, this may be a silly question but I’d like to know whether I need to be attuned to practice Reiki on myself.

    Thank you!


    1. Guido, it is not a silly question at all. Reiki is a specific practice that is empowered by initiations carried by a lineage that started with Mikao Usui in the mid-1920s in Japan. That means that yes, you do need to receive the Reiki initiations to practice Reiki, and I encourage you to receive initiation within the context of an in-person group class that includes instruction and actual practice together. This article will help you find a qualified teacher and class near you

      In the meantime, if you like, you can also simply move your hands slowly through the placement sequence and enjoy your breath. This is not Reiki practice, but it will still help you, and you will notice the difference when you receive the initiation.

  4. Thank you very much! Great badge, which I have uploaded onto my website. Have yet to work out how to add this to my blog, but I will :)

    I am a Reiki Master, living in Sydney, Australia and provide Reiki healing on animals and humans. I am also an Animal Whisperer. With your permission, I would also like to add the badge to my new book ‘Hello? Can you hear me?” about animal communication and Reiki. The badge will go in the back with reference to yourself and your website.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. That’s a great idea, Bianca, to add the badge to your book. Thank you so much for supporting daily Reiki self practice!

    1. I think that’s a great idea, Catherine! Having one on every page underlines the value you see in daily practice.

  5. I do social media for LifeSpark Cancer Resources, which offers Reiki to cancer sufferers and their families/caregivers on a sliding scale that goes down to zero.
    I have posted the article and the link on our facebook and Linked In pages.
    Keep up the good work!

  6. Thanks for creating this, Pamela. Reiki is a practice–something we do every day, something we *get to do* every day! If one doesn’t have time for a full formal treatment, even placing hands on the body will do; it doesn’t require a lot of time, but makes a big difference.

    I teach students that the most important part of Reiki practice is self Reiki. It’s a gift we give to ourselves that helps create a more balanced world for ourselves and those around us.

    1. I completely agree, Christine. While it is most beneficial to give oneself a full self treatment every day, simply placing hands on oneself is a huge benefit. As Mrs. Takata often said, Any Reiki practice is better than no Reiki practice.

  7. Thank you Pamela for providing such a great and visual reminder to practice self care with self-Reiki daily. I will use the badge on future e-mail notices when I send students information and notices for Reiki shares. I also will use it when teaching classes and on my web site, I am grateful that I have the opportunity to continually learn as well, from you and others in the community.

  8. Thank you Pamela, I find we have a lot in common in what respects to the serious, and Professional practice Of Reiki.
    I practice Reiki on myself on a daily basis.
    Also I want to thank you for sharing the use of the Badge of honour.
    Facebook page-

    Lia Marmion
    Healing and Body Balance

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