What’s the Best Reiki Practice?

Having seen the benefits of Reiki practice in your life, you can’t help feeling that your Reiki is the best Reiki. That’s as natural as knowing your babies (or pets) are the most adorable beings to grace the planet.

In a world with so many different styles of Reiki, you are indeed lucky to have found the best one. Kudos to you!

On the other hand (pun intended)

Deciding what’s best for you is a very important decision, one worth looking at it from another direction.

What if what’s best for you isn’t a matter of the details of your practice at all? Rather, the best-ness of your practice comes not from the practice itself but from your commitment to practice.

Doesn’t it make sense that the best Reiki practice is simply the one that you actually practice? Like everyone else, you are an individual with your own way of going about life. You get to choose your unique approach to self care, spiritual development, and healing.

What if the practice you’ve chosen is the best simply because it’s the one you’ve committed to practice? After all, the point of having a practice to actually practice it, especially on yourself (every day is best!).

My Reiki practice is the best Reiki practice for me.

That’s a statement we might agree on, regardless our Reiki practice style.

Let’s take it farther.

My Reiki practice is the best Reiki practice for me if it:

  • makes me the best version of myself
  • opens my heart to others (including Reiki practitioners with different practice styles)
  • refines my discernment to recognize what is important (daily self-practice) from what is not (specific hand placements).

Growth such as that doesn’t happen overnight, but with consistent self practice, growth will happen.

That’s because your Reiki practice is so much more than health care; it’s a spiritual practice that transforms your understanding of yourself, your world, and life itself.

How has your Reiki practice changed you?

What evidence have you seen of these three important changes in your life: becoming the best version of yourself, seeing your heart open to others, and recognizing what’s really important in life and in any situation?

Please share so that your story can inspire others. And if you are practicing but not seeing benefits, this is a safe place to ask for support.

If your Reiki class didn’t include self practice, here’s a protocol you can easily follow. Not yet Reiki-trained? You can learn Reiki self practice in a series of conveniently times small group, live, interactive videoconferences.


MAINSTREAMING REIKI: Is Reiki Practice Safe? downloadable audio recordings
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Part 2: Is the Practitioner Safe?

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10 thoughts on “What’s the Best Reiki Practice?”

  1. Thank you for this article Pamela. I agree with most of the comments. I am also invoved in a Reiki share and we do just that, we share what we’ve learned and it’s a wonderful way to broaden your knowledge and deepen your practice. At it’s heart Reiki is an energy and cannot be defined by the physical part of hand placement etc. Recently I was sending distant healing for a friend and when I finished I began to work on some healing for myself. I felt my friend was present and wanted to help me with my healing so I wnt with it and had a very profound realisation about something I had been struggling with. I was able to let go of the struggle. When I checked in with her she agreed that she had been helping me even though she is not Reiki trained. If we have ridgid rules about our practice I believe we miss out on the miracles available all around.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Morag. However, I disagree that at its heart, Reiki is an energy, and I see how that perspective has led to the misunderstanding and misinformation we see widely disseminated.

      Reiki is a specific practice defined by initiation passed through a lineage. If one does not have that initiation, one is not practicing Reiki. That doesn’t mean that there is no validity or effectiveness to one’s efforts, but it is not Reiki practice.

  2. Thank you Pamela for your beautiful message . My teacher told us one day it’s not about the teacher , it’s about the teachings . This has stayed with me. Since moving back to Australia in 2008 I’ve joined Reiki share groups with people who practice different kinds of Reiki . It has taught me the lesson of respecting and accepting others and really feeling we are one . It has made a difference to my family relationships , friendships and self love and care each day .
    I’ve been honored to offer Reiki to two if my closest friends during cancer care and when they were dying . Also in my nursing work with cardiac dementia pallative and aged care patients over the last 12 years since I first learned Reiki .
    I am grateful for Reiki as I continue my journey .

    In love and light ,

    Xx Helen

  3. My Reiki practice has helped me to deal with stress more effectively. I now feel that I’m able to work through difficult situations with a calm and clear mind. I had awful panic attacks and anxiety years ago and Reiki helped me with that. I practice daily even to keep myself centered and balanced, Reiki really changed my life.

  4. Sometimes I find other peoples reiki better than my own sometimes. In past months I have felt like my reiki is broken, or that I’m broken and the reiki is not effective, but deep down I know this is not true.
    I had a wonderful Reiki treatment from another heal that I heal along side with and it brought me back to where I needed to be. Sometimes you need the healing touch of others to help you heal 🙂

    1. Danica,

      I agree with you that it is important to receive Reiki treatment and/or other healing of your choice from other practitioners. Our daily self-treatment is the foundation of care, but it is not all we need. However, it has been my experience that our daily Reiki self-treatment helps us respond more effectively to other healing as well.

  5. Oh how I resonate with this article, growth certainly does happen with daily self practice. My awareness of the changes that daily self practice brings about has increased hand in hand with the regular practice.
    With your quiet e.encouragement and e.guidance (that is what I have called your remote mentoring through your book and this web page Pamela) I happily say my Reiki practice is the best Reiki practice for me now, today.
    I find now after 9 months of absolutely regular committed self practice that as I sit to settle into my daily practice an awareness of an area of my life I need to release over to Reiki comes into my consciousness and I willing let it go, and the flow on effects into my daily life and relationships is noticeable pretty much straight away.

    1. Wonderful, Judy! Nine months has done so much for you, imagine how you’ll feel after 9 years of daily self-practice! 🙂

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