Grabbing Reiki

Keep Calm Practice ReikiTrying to capture Reiki

Is like grabbing water

In your hand.

Yet Reiki captures the fortunate ones

Who practice diligently;

Captures them completely,

And sets them free.

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11 thoughts on “Grabbing Reiki”

  1. “Trying to capture Reiki is like grabbing water”

    “…and searching for Reiki is like a fish searching for water.”

    I love these thoughts!

    If I may add and continue the thought….

    “… and searching for Reiki is like a fish searching for water – not knowing that he is swimming in it.”

    And when the fish realize the he has been swimming in the water all along, being a part of it yet completely in it, being separate and yet complete and whole with it – then that is the beginning of wisdom.

    1. Thank you, Lydia. I appreciate you taking the time to let me know. By the way, this is the blog, and I also write ReikiUpdate, a monthly e-newsletter, which has a separate signup. Click here if you would like to receive that as well.

    1. Getchie Argetsinger

      What a fascinating thought Steve…thank you for poetic metaphor…before I started to practice I was a fish out of water. I’m grateful to all those sustained me while I searched for the safe haven of Reiki where I’m learning that it’s ok to be the particular fish I am!

  2. Getchie Argetsinger

    Thank you Pamela!

    Your words, like a waterfall, are always powerful and profound…but your words today delight me especially because I love poetry.

    There is lots of great poetry – but this poem, that you posted today, not only informs and touches the reader’s heart – this poem also inspires and expands our hearts.

    1. Martin, One of the gifts of Reiki practice that I value so highly is that consistent practice keeps setting us free, and continually redefines the word “freedom.”

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