A Reiki Point of View

Reiki HealingMy daughter and I snapped our share of photos as we visited Dublin, Lisbon and Sintra, a magical place outside Lisbon. She shared hers with me on the train to Porto.

It was intriguing to see what I’d seen, but from another point of view.

We all edit as we go, deciding when to zoom in and what to blur; the editing is part of our perspective. Her eye is clear and decisive, and I envy that.

I more likely shoot the same scene from different angles, toss a few, and still don’t have a favorite.

Though I have a “better” camera, I often prefer her photos. She’s captured a long view that I missed, or zoomed on an intriguing detail that eluded me.

It’s not that I haven’t paid attention. I stroll through a new country like human flypaper catching more than I can possibly hold, switching to sieve mode only when my senses teeter on the brink of overwhelm.

It’s that everyone’s perspective is valuable; no one sees it all. Not when snapping photos, and not when practicing Reiki.

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2 thoughts on “A Reiki Point of View”

  1. Yes indeed! Tolerance, complete honesty with ourselves, and the ability to maintain these states without being distracted guide us to love ourselves and others. When love fills the chalice of our soul to the brim, takes us to compassion and then sympathetic joy to celebrate our differences.

  2. A singularly poetic and perceptive invitation to expand our own perception by valuing different points of view. Here’s to a world of Reiki tolerance where one person’s clear and sharp edges enrich another’s encompassing perception (and vice versa).

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