Blessed Boundaries

The Inner Circle

A Guided Journey To Creating Your Ultimate Happiness & Wellbeing

October 13 - November 5, 2022

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Feel happier, more confident, and empowered by maintaining healthy, compassionate boundaries with ease and kindness.

I used to have two settings: “No problem” and “I have reached the end of my rope!” The first was my default mode, and the second was the result of it. Pamela’s class helped me set healthy boundaries and consider the cost—to myself and my relationships—of automatically saying yes to every request. Since taking the class, I am now better able to preserve my physical and mental energy, and bring a better me to the table.

I loved working with Pamela. She outlines simple ways to implement and maintain healthy boundaries as we go about our everyday activities and interactions with people, especially useful when living in a highly populous city. I now realize that whatever situation I am in, I always have the personal power to implement a boundary if necessary. I found the short meditations helpful for self inquiry into areas where boundaries would be beneficial for my personal space, strength, and inner calmness.

If you often feel exhausted and unmotivated, if you feel like you're always giving more than you're receiving, I want to let you in on a secret... There may not be anything wrong with you, you might just need some help with boundaries.

Between juggling the tasks of daily life and trying to maintain your most meaningful relationships, you might be out of touch with what you want and need, and assume you don’t have the energy to take care of yourself in the way you know you deserve.

What if you could prioritize your happiness and well-being by gracefully maintaining clearer boundaries? How would it feel if you could confidently communicate your boundaries, consistently show up as your best self, and enjoy more fulfilling relationships

Here’s the good news. The problem doesn’t exist outside of you, and you have the power to address the underlying causes of your boundary breaches by becoming self-validating, discovering your inner strength, and being profoundly nourished by your innate self-love and worth.

After 50+ years helping people grow their happiness and wellbeing, I’ve developed an interactive online program that offers the healing and mentoring you need to develop healthier, compassionate boundaries in just 3 weeks. Let me show you how.

What You Will Learn

In Blessed Boundaries: The Inner Circle, you’ll learn how to stop living at the mercy of your moods and sensitivity. You’ll gently heal the undigested emotions that keep you from expressing yourself fully. I’m excited to invite you into our safe, nurturing practice environment, where there’s no failure, and you’re encouraged to engage at your own pace. 



In BLESSED BOUNDARIES: The Inner Circle, your guided self-inquiry reveals insight, and heals pockets of unseen beliefs and unresolved emotions that have kept you vulnerable and unsure of yourself. You’ll find deeper self love and awareness, all through accessible practices and curated resources to cultivate a deeper connection with your most authentic self. 

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3 week, guided program with 2 bonus check-in meetings with Pamela Miles

Blessed Boundaries

With Pamela Miles
  • October 13 - November 5, 2022
  • Live online meetings with Pamela:
    October 13 and 20 at 2pm ET
  • Program Fee $597

 Sign up here to be informed when we schedule the next Blessed Boundaries so you can register before it books out. It’s an intimate, small group event that tends to fill quickly

Who Is This For?


Yes, I’m joking, but not totally. This program is for you if you want to enhance your health and happiness across the board, in every aspect of your life, by learning how to maintain healthy, compassionate boundaries with ease and kindness.

BLESSED BOUNDARIES: The Inner Circle, is a unique, very flexible format that you adapt to your own schedule. You participate at home when it suits you, interact with an international community, and connect with me online whenever the timing works for you, 24/7. You’ll see (and feel) the benefits of this accessible, very doable program sooner than you expect. And so will the people around you, whether or not they’ve joined us. Everything good thing we do for ourselves benefits others as well. 

What's Included

In this THREE-WEEK program, you’ll receive:

It's time to clarify your boundaries
and negotiate your relationships with heart and poise.

How It Works

BLESSED BOUNDARIES is the playground where your direct heart connection will be made and nourished through heart-writing, mentoring, and Pamela’s Pearls, short articles written especially to support your healing, deepen your self-inquiry, and offer practical strategies.

This program gently creates profound shifts because it pairs information and strategies with self-practice and self-revelation, at your pace, on your schedule.

Each day, you receive a written prompt and blessing to inspire that day’s heart-write. You heart-write at home for around 15 minutes, according to your schedule. Your heart-write is yours alone and not shared in the program (what a relief!).

At the end, add the date and three words to describe that day’s heart writing experience. Then click on our beautiful and totally private online Writers Haven to add your three words and any comments or insights you want to share on the page devoted to that day’s prompt.


Pamela, thank you for offering this program. Your articles were off the charts helpful! With the effort I was willing to put into the program, you were willing to meet me there and take it up a notch, allowing me to push myself (rather than feeling pushed). And thank you to my fellow writers. You inspired me to look at things differently, think of things in a different way, and I totally enjoyed the company of each of you!

Thank you so much, Pamela, for guiding us on this subtle yet profound journey. I don't want it to end!

I have thoroughly enjoyed this program, and am really grateful for all the insight and knowledge I've gained, through carrying out the program and through your guidance Pamela. Sharing with others in the Writers Haven has been a real pleasure. You brought together a wonderful group of people.

This program has been illuminating. A lot of deep work took place through the prompts and my free-writing, and the articles. My eyes opened to a different way of looking at experiences and thought processes.

Thank you for your support and mentoring. You are a teacher's teacher.

Thank you so much for offering this program. I am feeling more at peace with myself and recently was very pleased to let go of a bothersome situation when I realized I could not control my friend's behavior but could be responsible for my own response to it. It was very freeing. I will miss your thoughtful prompts and insights, but I have confidence that I will be able to continue heart writing on my own and continue to reap the benefits of the practice. You have given me a solid foundation on which I want to continue building.

Meet Pamela (Your Teacher)

Pamela Miles
Pamela Miles, Reiki Master and Author

Hello, I’m Pamela Miles, and I’ve had the joy and honor of helping people heal themselves and their relationships, discover their unique gifts, and live from the heart for more than 50 years.

I’m a longtime spiritual practitioner and mentor, a published author, an international Reiki teacher and the foremost Medical Reiki expert. Since the 90s, I’ve been at the forefront of bringing spiritual practice — Reiki and meditation — into conventional medicine, including teaching at Yale University School of Medicine, presenting at Harvard Medical School, collaborating with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and implementing programs at NY Presbyterian/Columbia and other prominent New York City hospitals.

My approach is heartfelt and straightforward, drawn from 50+ years of spiritual practice to help you connect deeply with yourself as easily and quickly as possible. It’s not instant; it’s a process, and you’ll make significant progress in this program. You’ll experience insight and greater self-love, gain clarity and self-awareness, while developing skills you can use for life.

During BLESSED BOUNDARIES, I’m available in our Writers Haven and group calls for as much mentoring as you want to help you build your skills and create a new relationship with your heart.

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3 week, guided program with 2 bonus check-in meetings with Pamela Miles

Blessed Boundaries

With Pamela Miles
  • October 13 - November 5, 2022
  • Live online meetings with Pamela:
    October 13 and 20 at 2pm ET
  • Early Fee $497 until midnight, Thursday, October 6th ET
  • Full Fee $597 thereafter

Sign up here to be informed when we schedule the next Blessed Boundaries so you can register before it books out. It’s an intimate, small group event that tends to fill quickly!


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3 week program with built-in grace time in case you need to skip a day, or even two. The program is designed for you to succeed.

The program runs Friday, October 7th — Thursday, October 27th, 2022.

Flexibility is built into the program, so you can make it work for you. Plan on 15-20 minutes each day for your home heart-write session (spiritual practice plus free-writing), and then read Pamela’s Pearls and interact in our private online Writers Haven as your available. You can come into our Writers Haven as often as you choose and stay as long as you like.

People enjoy the program and visit our Writers Haven often, but the amount of time you spend is totally up to you. Some people enjoy heart writing so much they choose to write for 20-30 minutes. I built ease into this flexible program so you can continue even if you need to skip a day.

Heart-writing is a combination of your chosen spiritual practice (meditation and/or Reiki) followed by free-writing from a written prompt, with the support of a written blessing. A guided meditation recording is included in the program for you to use (or not) as you wish.

First, you have a short spiritual practice session of your choice. You can sit comfortably and listen to the guided meditation, meditate on your own, and/or practice hands-on self-care (which can be Reiki practice if you have that training). Practice until you feel your state change, until your awareness drops into your heart.

Then free-write from the prompt for 10-15 minutes or even up to 20-minutes at most.

That’s it; that’s your daily practice.

Additionally, as you have time, visit our online Writers Haven to read articles, share your experience (not your heart-write, which is yours alone!), and interact with our supportive international community, and me.

I’ve recorded a guided meditation which you can use in this program, and beyond. In 50 years teaching meditation, often to people who had previously found it impossible, I’ve noticed people who think they cannot meditate usually misunderstand what meditation is. This program makes it easy for you, and I’m here to respond to your questions and offer tweaks as needed.

No, you don’t need any Reiki training because you can either use the recorded meditation or do a simple hands on self-practice. If you’re trained to practice hands-on self-Reiki, practice as you were taught. If you need a refresher, or weren’t taught self practice, participate in at least one of my free global Reiki self practice sessions, before the program starts, if possible. If you already practice daily self-Reiki, you can heart-write immediately after that. If you prefer to heart-write later, you can do an additional shorter, modified practice to drop into your heart before you start heart-writing.

No, you won’t share your home heart-writing. That’s for you alone.

Our online private Writers Haven is where we interact as a community, each of us going through our own transformation. It’s totally your choice how often/how much you want to participate there. 

Participants appreciate reading one another’s experience, finding it supportive and inspiring. It’s always a plus to realize you’re not alone in the boundary quagmire, to read your co-writers’ insights and generously share your own, as is comfortable for you.

Not at all. We have only two optional live online meetings. If you’re unable to participate live, you can email your question ahead of time and access the recording in our Writers Haven.

No, you don’t need to write in English. Your home practice can be in any language you like, and you can switch around if you want. People who are multilingual often like to see how writing in different languages affects their experience. That’s completely up to you.

However, English is the common language for the program, meaning everything in our Writers Haven — all articles, prompts, blessings and comments — is in English.

This is an online program, so assuming you have internet access through your computer and/or smartphone or tablet, there are no additional costs to participate. The fee stated is all you pay to access the entire program.

No worries! The program is for you if you want to explore and discover your inner riches, regardless your writing skills. The goal of heart-writing is not to compose an essay, but to express and discover the insight, understanding, and vision that flows from your heart. If for any reason you cannot physically write, you can record a voice memo.