A (Reiki) Resolution You Can Keep

reiki resolution you can keepIt’s the first week in January and many have already abandoned their resolutions. How’s yours doing?

What, you didn’t make any resolutions? You didn’t bother because you’ve never kept one resolution in your life?

No worries! If you’ve struggled with resolutions in the past but merely maintaining the status quo for another year doesn’t appeal to you, you’re in luck. Here’s a Reiki resolution you can actually keep, one that will start quickly making a difference, which makes it easier to keep it going.

The Reiki resolution you can keep

DRUM ROLL! Place your hands on yourself for a few minutes in the morning, as you lie in bed waking up, and again at night, as you lie down to sleep. That’s it. Easy-peasy.

Yes, it might seem incredible, but transformation can truly be that easy. That is, if you start. Only if you actually start.

Those few moments with your Reiki hands are enough to elicit a self-healing, balancing response from deep within. That can help you sleep better and start your day in a better mood. When you sleep better, everything gets better, because your body self-heals in deep sleep.

The combination of low effort and fast benefits is why this is a Reiki resolution you can keep. Put a note by your bed to remind you until you’ve established your new Reiki support habit. If you sit up in the morning and realize you forgot to place your Reiki hands, it’s not too late to take a moment to practice. Place your hands and feel yourself settle.

Is your Reiki resolution making a difference?

How will you know if your Reiki resolution is helping? That’s as easy as keeping your resolution! Pay attention when you place your hand. Let your awareness be indrawn for a few moments. 

Start noticing small improvements in how your days and nights go. Your usual 4 PM vitality dip might soon become a distant memory (and if not, that’s another great time to place your hand, even as you sip a coffee). Or your primary relationship might feel a little more satisfying. Notice if you’re sleeping better, or waking up feeling more optimistic about your day.

Pay attention to your state of mind a few times during the day, and soon, within a few days at most, you’ll notice it’s starting to feel better to be you.

Discovering your new you

You’re a unique individual, with your unique combination of supports and stresses, so no once can predict exactly how your life will start to improve once you turn your resolution into action; the details of your gentle transformation are yours to discover.

And here’s a tip: you’re more likely to notice improvement in places where you have discomfort or pain. Make a list of few areas where you’d like to feel improvement. Now be open to noticing small changes, and realize they might not show up where you expect. 

If you continue to enact your Reiki resolution, the self-healing, balancing response to your brief but consistent self practice can bring not only quick relief in some areas, but also surprising healing over time. 

The benefits you notice — even feeling a bit better in the moment — might motivate you to practice just a little longer, or to take better care of yourself in other ways.

Why not give it a try and see for yourself? What do you have to lose? Your life could transform so easily, but only if you start.

You can only keep a Reiki resolution that you’ve actually started. Why not give it a try? Place your hand on your chest now and notice your response.

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