reiki resolution you can keep

A (Reiki) Resolution You Can Keep

reiki resolution you can keepJanuary is winding down and most people have abandoned their resolutions. How is yours doing?

What, you didn’t make any? You don’t bother because you’ve never kept one in your life?

If you gave up or didn’t even start, you’re like most people.

Is maintaining the status quo not what you have in mind for your life? You’re in luck! Here’s a Reiki resolution you can keep.

The Reiki resolution you can keep

DRUM ROLL! Place your hands on yourself for a few minutes as you wake up and as you fall asleep. That’s it.

Yes, transformation can be that easy. But only if you start.

Those few moments with your Reiki hands will help you sleep better and start your day in a better mood. When you sleep better, everything gets better, because your body self-heals in deep sleep.

Pay attention to your state of mind, and soon, within a few days at most, you’ll notice it feels better to be you. Quickly noticing benefits is part of why this is a Reiki resolution you can keep.

Your usual 4 PM vitality dip might quickly become a distant memory. Or your primary relationship will feel a little more satisfying. The details of your gentle transformation are yours to discover.

Your new you

The details of your gentle transformation are yours to discover. Only if you start. 

The benefits you notice might motivate you to practice just a little longer, or take better care of yourself in other ways.

Why not give it a try and see for yourself? What do you have to lose? Your life could transform so easily, but only if you start.

You need to start if you want to have a Reiki resolution you can keep.


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