The Most Important Thing

The most important thing in Reiki spiritual practiceZen Master Shunryu Suzuki said, “The most important thing is to know what is the most important thing.”

In Reiki healing, the most important thing is to practice daily self-treatment.

Just as it’s impossible to develop a relationship with a friend without actually being in touch with your friend, it’s impossible to develop your relationship with Reiki practice without actually practicing on yourself, and consistently.

The most important thing is daily Reiki self-practice

Daily self-treatment keeps us close to our Reiki practice. When we self-treat every day, we’re more likely to remember the Reiki Precepts or place a hand when we need support during the day. Otherwise we walk around like a sick fool who carries her medicine instead of taking it.

And it’s so easy to practice daily self-treatment. You simply place your Reiki hands on your body.

Of course the mind can make the distance between hand and body seem far longer than your arm, so it helps to have a regular schedule. Then when your chosen practice time comes, you don’t think about practicing, you place hands.

I practice every morning, before I leave my bed. If I’m cranky, I allow myself the luxury of complaining only after I’ve placed my hands. And then, of course, my crankiness quickly dissipates.

Using my Reiki timer phone app provides effective support on the occasional morning when I’m just not in the mood. Somehow it makes the time go faster. I set it for the three-minute interval, which soon feels much too short. Then I can defy that lovely chime and linger on a placement twice as long if I want. After all, it’s my practice.

Maintaining daily Reiki self-practice

Any long term relationship goes through ups and downs, and daily self-treatment is no different. Sometimes we have to be creative to find our inspiration; other times, it’s just a matter of discipline.

If you practice daily self-treatment, please share your tips for practicing consistently.

If the distance from your Reiki hand to your body seems too far to travel regularly and you’d like some support, try giving yourself a full treatment at the same time of day for the next three days, and let us know what a difference it makes.


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13 thoughts on “The Most Important Thing”

  1. One thing that has helped me immensely with refusing the excuses to not practice self reiki daily has been that I keep a small printed note of the precepts in my cell phone along with the reiki timer app. I have no excuses then – I can start the practice anywhere I am by simply placing hands on my thighs or discretely in my lap. ( sometimes as basic as Hands on – Reiki on! ) — I am grateful for my many blessings!

  2. I was very good at self practising until I had a few upsetting experiences, including losing a very important person to me. I know in my grief I should have been reiki constantly, I found some nights I just would conk out from the exhaustion of being a single mother with two kids grieving. I do make an effort every day to get outside in the morning and recite the precepts and call in the energy, in the sunlight before the kids get me busy. My intention is there 🙂 that’s the most important thing

    1. Amy, it’s not that you “should” have been practicing consistently during your grief, but rather that you “could” practice, and you would receive great support if you did. All that is needed to practice is to place your hand or hand on yourself. Even if you fall asleep before moving through the entire sequence of hand placements, you have started, and your system will respond. That’s what is most important.

      You might want to read How to Practice Daily Reiki Self Treatment. It’s easier than you think. No need to make a call; simply place your hands. 🙂

  3. HI,
    I am doing self healing on daily basis from last one year, but still I don’t feel any changes in my mind or body. During the healing time my hand become warn. Is there any problem in my healing? Please suggest .


    1. I’m sorry, I have no basis on which to answer your question, but I suggest that you look honestly at how you feel during the time when you are not practicing Reiki — are you happier? Do you sleep better? etc.

      I encourage my students to practice hands-on self-healing everyday for 30 minutes or longer.

  4. I’m kinda surprised that people need any encouragement to do daily self treatment. For me doing Reiki is as natural as eating. I would have to make a conscious effort not to do Reiki in the same way as some people make a conscious effort not to eat (fasting). I’m not exaggerating there, though it may sound like it.

    Maybe this is just a case of different people finding different things coming naturally to them. I certainly don’t meditate regularly, but I have a friend who meditates for hours every day because he feels it just comes naturally.

    1. Hi Pamela,

      I just wanted to say that since I´ve read your book my daily practice is getting more and more consistent. Some days I feel really pleasurable sensations, feel calmer, supported, in peace with myself. Other days i don´t feel much but the one thing in common everyday is that I just feel happy that I´m practicing.

      Thank you for your work. Somehow it has touched me deep within.

      A. David.

  5. It’s right that the important thing for Reiki Practitioner is to do self-healing everyday. So that you will find your body and soul always be healthy. It’s so easy to do and it takes about 30 minutes.

  6. I often forget to use it on myself. When I do remember it takes my headaches and backaches away immediately. I really need to get into some kind of regimen. Note to self….get busy girl.

    I’ve also bookmarked this site for furthering my education as well as my connection to Reiki.

  7. I don’t do full reiki sessions each day, but I have been doing similar to Connie, where she places a hand on the heart and the other below the ribs, long before I learned reiki and I still do it most nights. I’ve never heard of anyone else doing that until now.

  8. I made a picture in my paint program. I used the word “Reiki” and decorated it nicely, using my creativity. I put the picture near my bed. Before i got to sleep, I take 10 minutes or so to do my Reiki. It helps me to sleep better, as well. Sue

  9. Yes, I concur. So many times practicing reiki on others is often the most emphasized in many reiki training situations. But you are correct the most important thing is to know the most important thing and that is hands on healing for self first….treat self….

  10. I so agree, Pamela. It is so worth the few minutes to care for self. I practice Reiki every evening after I retire, and most mornings. I will usually place one hand on my heart area, and another hand close to the bottom of my rib cage. I go to sleep in the evening with Reiki continuing for as long as it is needed. It is well worth the time, and there is no effort involved.

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