Today Only: Breathe

GUEST BLOG:  In response to my request for Reiki healing stories, Reiki master Darlene Crowley shared how she flunked hospice after practicing Reiki self-treatment with an indomitable spirit. Reiki healing

by Reiki master Darlene Crowley

I did not know that forty per cent of my lung had collapsed. I only knew I was a hospice patient at the time, on oxygen, feeling extreme heaviness in my chest.

Even after four or five nebulizer treatments, when my cousin called, I could hardly speak.

“Shall I call an ambulance?” she asked.

“Yessss,” I whispered.

More nebulizer treatments as I was rushed to the hospital, then the hustle and bustle of admittance to the hospice unit. As my doctor gave me the news, he reminded me I’d been fighting a long time.

I had a rare cancer in two-thirds of both my lungs, and emphysema in the rest. One disease inhibited me from inhaling, and the other inhibited me from exhaling.

My doctor said unfortunately there was nothing that could be done, reminding me that I’d had cancer more than ten years. He said both my lungs were too hard to inflate. (Inflating the lungs after a collapse is a possibility in situations like this.)

He also said it was time for me to realize my time had come.

“No,” I said. “I’ll know when it’s my time, and this is not it!” When I told him I would be fine, he said I was in denial, that it was now time for me to accept things as they were. Again I said, “I will be fine. I’ll practice self-Reiki.”

During the next 2 weeks, you couldn’t pry my hands from my chest. I was discharged to go home because there was nothing more the hospital could do for me.

The next day my visiting nurse arrived, and started by recording my vitals. After going from top to bottom, she sat in the chair and asked, “Darlene, it was on the right side, right?”

I smiled and said, “Yes.”

My nurse said, “I hear breaths all the way down into both your lungs.” We jumped up, hugged, and I thanked God.

She said, “Your lung has repaired itself. That doesn’t happen.”

I said, “Oh, but it has TODAY!”

We laughed and held each other in joy. I love her so much. Ms. Betty McKay. She’s been with me all the way.

Click here to read the letter from Vitas discharging Dee from hospice care on June 19, 2007.

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10 thoughts on “Today Only: Breathe”

  1. Darlene,
    Thank you for sharing your story. I’m aware now of what you went and am happy that it is a story that you can continue to share and help others with. God Bless you for your strength and courage and Thank God you found Reiki and you never gave up. 🙂

  2. I’m so grateful for Reiki finding me. It has been a dynamic part of my life. As my journey evolves, the healing of Reiki unfolds even more. after 21 years of threatening illnesses, my focus of healing is now narrowed down to COPD and Arthritis. What a blessing God has given me through this wonderful gift of healing touch.

    Never, Never, Never, Give Up! ~Winston Churchill


    Darlene Crowley (Dee)

    1. Good Morning Getchie,

      I’m proud you took the time to read the story. Thank you. Please move it forward and bring this truth to others. Cancer is not always a Death Sentence. As Reiki practitioners we are able to not only heal others, but ourselves as well. After all, it’s a must that we “fix” ourselves before we can work on others.



    1. Rosanne,

      Blessings to you on your Survivorship!!

      So proud to hear of your longevity. I’m glad to know my story was encouraging for you. I only ask that you now share it with others 🙂

      Have a Wonderful Day!


  3. Thanks for the very inspiring story. I volunteer reiki treatments at a cancer treatment center once a month. Your story reminds me very much of a woman whom I saw just this past Wednesday. I see her once a month, but missed her last month. In those two months she’d been in surgery twice, once for her heart, and once for her lungs (she has lung cancer). The doctors sent her home to die. But her faith in God is so strong, she just ignored them. She’s doing just fine, and trusting God, not her doctor’s dire predictions. Your story and hers reminds me of the words of Jesus: “Go, your faith has made you well.”

    1. Good morning Rose,

      I’d first like to thank you for your service! What a blessing to have you volunteer your time to help. Unfortunately, when many hear “Cancer”, they hear “Death Sentence” in the same sentence. We all have in us the will to fight, many forget that. I know the doctors are put in place to help us, but we must play a role in our own healthcare. We must understand that we are our own best advocates, and if we don’t have the energy, find support organizations that can be with us until we can gain a little of our strength back. It’s important that we ask questions, even give answers through research of our own. Doctors like to see you’re serious about your healthcare.

      Please Rose, let her know of my story, and tell her I’m with her in spirit, and not to forget to smell the next flower she walks past 🙂 By the way, that goes for you too 🙂

      Blessing to you!



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