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GUEST BLOGGER Reiki master Kathy Falconio lives near Princeton, NJ and responded to my request to share a favorite Reiki healing story. —

by Kathy Falconio

No sooner had I arrived at the cancer center for my weekly volunteer shift when the social worker introduced me to a patient suffering acute nausea and anxiety. The social worker was surprised how good she had felt after receiving her first Reiki treatment just the day before, and thought a Reiki treatment might bring this patient some relief.

She introduced me to Ed as he reclined in a chair receiving IV medication, and the three of us talked for a few minutes.

Ed told me he feels fine once he’s away from the center, but very distressed whenever he’s there. He feels intense nausea, and finds all the sights, smells and sounds so upsetting that sometimes he has to leave his chair and walk around to cope with the anxiety.

Ed was extremely agitated as we talked, and moved constantly in his chair. His voice was high-pitched, and he seemed on the verge of tears as he shared his distress.

I agreed that a Reiki treatment might help, explaining that the treatment would likely allow him to relax, which might decrease or eliminate his nausea.

Ed reluctantly agreed, and I placed my hands lightly on his shoulders to start the treatment.

Within a few seconds, his breathing slowed and deepened, his body became still, and he stopped talking.

As I neared the end of the 20-minute treatment, he lifted his head off the chair a little. His eyes were tightly closed, his lips pressed tightly together.

I asked if he were okay. His “yes” was barely audible, and he lowered his head back to the chair and moaned.

After a few minutes, I lightly touched his arm to tell him the treatment was finished. His eyes were now softly closed, and he appeared to be sleeping. His deeply relaxed body had sunken into the chair, and his face was peaceful.

When I quietly asked how he felt, his eyes opened slightly as he said a quiet but enthusiastic, “Grrreat!”

He closed his eyes again. I asked if the nausea were gone, and he responded slowly, saying, “Yes. Thank you.”

I shared Ed’s comments with the social worker while I documented the treatment at the nurses’ station. She spoke to Ed and confirmed that his nausea was indeed gone and he was feeling deeply relaxed.


If you or someone you know is addressing cancer, I wrote a peer-reviewed medical paper that can help: Reiki Support for Cancer Patients. I encourage you to print it out and hand it to your oncologist and primary care physician.

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5 thoughts on “Reiki Healing & Cancer Treatment”

      1. Thanks! I’m printing it out now. When my son was diagnosed with leukemia, the oncologist was thrilled that I practiced Reiki and thought it would be a great support for him. I was happily surprised at his reaction. :) This prompted my hunt for articles about Reiki and cancer.

  1. What a beautiful story. Working with oncology clients is particularly challenging & moving. I am a Reiki Master & a trained Oncology Massage Therapist & have similar stories to tell. The most obvious effect of Reiki on those receiving treatments for cancer is deep relaxation. Every client I have treated, has reported reduced pain, fatigue, anxiety, nausea & depression after each treatment. They all say that Reiki helps them to cope better. One of the best things about Reiki is that it is totally non-invasive & can be given to the most fragile of clients with no risk of harm. Often, massage is out of the question – even though Oncology Massage is incredibly gentle – & Reiki comes in to its own. It is so good to be able to offer Reiki in these circumstances. We were taught in our training that no one is untouchable. It is very rewarding to be able to offer Reiki to clients who are suffering such painful & invasive treatments. I feel like I’m offering them a brief respite from their suffering & this makes me feel good too.

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