Peace Work

Peace WorkMay we live with the experience of profound peace.

May we live with the awareness that each time we practice self Reiki, we place another brick paving the road to world peace.

As you acknowledge the current state of the world, contemplate the gifts your Reiki practice has brought you.

Was there a time when your self practice brought you peace, or enabled you to carry peacefulness into a stressful situation? If so, please tell us about it in a comment below.

Sharing a simple insight from your practice may inspire someone else to recognize the enormous benefit we bring to others each time we place our Reiki hands on our own bodies.

Peace in your hands

Consider that we hold the fate of the world in our hands.

Instead of giving in to helplessness and despair, instead of being overwhelmed by fear, remember your self practice is the effort you can easily make to create peace, an offering you can give yourself and the world every day.

With gratitude, work diligently.

Practice now

Creating peace in our world takes work, but that work is very doable. Bring your hand to your body and let your Reiki touch support you. Notice how your Reiki touch helps you feel safe, helps you drop into the peace that exists within. That peace has always existed within you, and it always will. Take the time now to experience it, so you can carry peace into our troubled world.

How can we create peace in the world if we don’t experience it within ourselves? World peace is an outer expression of the peace that exists within, but it’s up to us to choose to bring it forward.

If we don’t do it, who will?

Please practice now, on your own, and join us as you can for my free global self practice sessions.

Here are organizations where you can donate to help Ukraine.

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11 thoughts on “Peace Work”

  1. For the past twenty years I have had a very conflicted relationship with my parents, at times not speaking to them and suffering a great deal of pain and bitterness. Finally taking seriously Pamela’s encouragement to self-treat daily, I did about ten self-treatments while visiting my family over a period of two weeks.

    Because I took this precious time every morning to offer myself Reiki, I could at last fully enjoy the time I spent with family members. I felt compassion for their difficult circumstances and decided to start supporting them, not necessarily in the specific ways they have requested, but in alternative ways that make sense to me. This allows me to retain my sense of self while reaching out to my parents, instead of allowing myself to be swallowed up by their needs. I am on my way to healing our relationship and to enjoying the peace of accepting them as they are.

  2. i have so many amazing stories about reiki. here’s one. my mother passed a couple years ago. she was a person that only really believed in the healing of medicine only. my mother was getting chemotherapy,it was really very draining on her. she would go right home after a treatment. i came in town for a visit(i live in az. she in michigan). she had just gotten a treatment,instead of going home she came over to my sisters(where i was staying,i was surprised). she looked so white,so weak. she asked me to do reiki on her(she had just read about it,was now interested). she sat in a hard wood chair,straight back.i started doing reiki,my hands started pounding-so much healing. in my mind,i just keep saying”thank you GOD” and i love you mom.when i was done,my mom said now i understand why they say reiki is so great,so healing. she said i could have sat here for so much longer.(she just got done w/chemo!!!) when i took a shower that night,long after my session w/my mom,my palms where still pounding,literally pounding,pounding hard!!! well i’ll stop there i have so many more stories. i really love sharing stories about reiki.

  3. Great posts. I agree, Pamela – Reiki can help transform the tension – or transcend it. I have had many family difficulties and tensions to overcome this past year, and Reiki was so valuable in that process. Jason, I love the “domino in reverse” metaphor! Yes, we do build people up…. Ming, I have had many experiences with Reiki or other energy/spiritual work being the possible “cure” that helped generate seemingly impossible healings – or totally change the course of an illness. It is not even necessary to always have it credited to Reiki or energy healing work – we know what it can do, and that faith helps fuel it.

    2010 is going to be a big year in transforming the world and the attitude toward Reiki and spiritual practices. We can be part of that and part of changing the world.

  4. Thanks to my daily practice I was able to be present this holiday season in a way I could only imagine before learning Reiki. This is the the best present I have ever received or given. I have another challenging situation coming up and I am grateful to have Reiki to meet it.

  5. Happy New Year Pam, I just wanted to reiterate what you wrote :May we live with the awareness that each time we place our Reiki hands on ourselves, we are placing another brick in the road to world peace. I truly believe this. This ripple effect.

    Reiki has cured my dog of her hip dysplasia, I placed my hands on her hips everynight. My husband was carrying her up the stairs. Now she BOUNDS up the stairs. My business partner cured herself of a collapsed lung by placing her hands on herself for nights. The MD’s were stunned.

    2010 will be a great year for spreading the word about Reiki!

  6. Just had a thought. Please allow me to clarify: Our Reiki practice can have a domino effect–but more like “a domino effect in reverse.” Instead of knocking others down, we build them up!

  7. I love that several of you have mentioned healing in a family context.

    The holidays can bring tense moments (or hours), and our Reiki practice literally transforms the experience. There’s prevention–we stay steady when we practice steadily–and there’s crisis control. Having the capacity to do a 180 when we’re careening into a mire of negativity is, as they say, priceless! The best holiday gift by far!

  8. I’m a Reiki newbie, having received the first four initiations a few weeks ago. But I have been loving the experience of daily self-practice. I took my Reiki classes at a difficult time–both financially and personally. But I felt that if I were to begin the practice, I would be giving the greatest gift I could give to my family and friends this holiday. I felt that I would be bringing a more peaceful person to holiday gatherings–me! And I truly believe that peace begins with the self and then we carry it out to others. By being peaceful ourselves, we can trigger a wave of peace.

    In spite of the obstacles, I “took the plunge,” so to speak, and took the classes and began daily self-treatments.

    I can honestly say this holiday was among the best I’ve had. Holidays have always been difficult for me. But this year, upon waking, I placed my hands on my body for a self-treatment and then faced the day. It really seemed that we all laughed more at my family get togethers. I certainly did! I felt a lot more “present” than I have before. It was wonderful.

    Additionally, I was able to offer treatments to my partner-in-crime, who’d had a miserable cold for several weeks. He loved the way it felt, saying that the warm hands allowed him to relax and stop coughing–even if only for a little while.

    I look forward to continuing this practice. It’s a gift that I gave myself, but I honestly think it can have a domino effect… and a good one!

    Happy New Year! Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!

  9. In January this year, I started taking Reiki classes. Shortly after I started, my daughter was hit by a snowboarder on the mountain and broke her femur (thankfully, that was her worst injury and she’s fine now). The ensuing months brought many, many trials even though she healed quickly and if it wasn’t for my classes and the love of my teachers as well as my self-Reiki practice, this year would have been much different for me. As a result of learning Reiki, I am a far more centered, patient, caring, compassionate person and I truly enjoy my life more than I thought possible. And when I do go through rougher times when things come up, I know that I have something that will help me make it through and that those time, too, shall pass.

    Love and light,

  10. Hi All and wishing you a peaceful New Year. Due to some very stressful family situations
    and my own challenges around meeting deadlines, I was beginning to feel rushed around a committed early morning reiki practice. One morning while placing my hands over the heart area, I invoked peace in the inner spaces surrounding my heart, as well as in a feeling throughout the day–of peace no matter what the outer circumstances. I also placed several reiki reminders around my desk, crystals and sacred objects, which restore my equanimity rather quickly, whether I can sit for a few moments or not. May we all remember and become aware of reiki…no matter what!

  11. Recently I entered unnoticed into a scene of intense family conflict (it is the holidays, after all!). Realising that I was not emotionally prepared to best handle the situation, I withdrew, took a couple of minutes to “self-Reiki” and returned with a calmer and centred presence, thus avoiding becoming the third wheel and magnifying the situation.
    As I comforted the two parties involved in the fight, I noticed my Reiki hands responding, and felt the intensity of the emotional atmosphere ease. I know that my ability to find this centred , mindful place in volatile situations is not simply due to the treatment at the time, but also because I’ve maintained a regular self practice over the last couple of years. It is important to point out that my Reiki practice in no way healed or solved the causes of the conflict, which will probably continue in different forms for a while, but it did enable me to deal with the presenting issues mindfully, as opposed to reactively.

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