Reiki Practice Reduces Anxiety, Improves Yoga Teaching

Reiki practiceLast week I messed up big time.

I had received two strong follow-ups to recent Reiki classes, and both students agreed to publish. But amidst the chaos of my (fabulous) trip to France, I inadvertently switched the writers’ names. AARGH!!!

So if you read last week’s blog, please click here to read what Lila Stromberg really said, and enjoy the post below from yoga teacher Jana Castellano.

Thank you, thank you, Lila and Jana, for your graciousness and patience with me, and your commitment to Reiki practice!

Reiki Practice Brings Calm Spaciousness
by Jana Castellano

Since finishing our First degree Reiki class, I have practiced everyday at home, and any other time I think of it…on the subway, waiting in a line (there are many lines to choose from in New York City!), or standing on a corner waiting for a light to change.

I have found Reiki practice to be deliciously grounding. I am calmer, and strangely clearer.

Sometimes I feel as if I am looking out at the world from the back of my eyes. There is a sweet feeling of space inside.

This space creates time to consider what needs to be considered in the moment. Time to choose something more uplifting, perhaps, than choices I am used to making out of habit or reactivity.

With my Reiki practice, I feel a deepening into my heart that is so welcome!

Reiki practice reduces anxiety and worry

The biggest change I notice is how I handle my anxiety. I am slower to react to my usual pattern of worry when a challenge comes up.

Often this pattern of anxiety and worry presents itself before I am about to teach a yoga class. I am usually able to find time for Reiki self practice before I teach. I can feel myself getting more solid, more centered, and am better able to be present and not “push” things on my students. I have found that I can hang back for a change, quietly observe, and see what is needed in the moment.

It is tremendously freeing, and allows my inner creativity and good humor to come forth naturally. I have noticed my voice has softened and my language is clearer and more focused.



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2 thoughts on “Reiki Practice Reduces Anxiety, Improves Yoga Teaching”

  1. Dear Pamela,

    I am based in the UK and I’m following you on twitter. I am a Reiki practitioner and I have recently been treating a Soldier for pain and PTSD. After his 1st treatment he felt relaxed and calm and slept for the first time in a long time. The following day he reported that he had slept very well and the nightmares and flash backs had ‘disappeared’ however, he felt very low the day after and just wanted to sleep. He has now had 4 sessions and is feeling much better. I have been concerned about him feeling so low but I concluded that he could be ridding himself of the negative energy, thus empowering the positive energy. I would appreciate your opinion on this. I have been practising Reiki for 2 years and I’ve never come across this before.
    Regards, Christine Barlow

    1. Christine,

      I have no basis for commenting on the care of someone I have not treated, but I can speak in a very general way, in case that is helpful.

      First of all — do you see Reiki practice as balancing the individual or as a diagnosis-specific treatment intervention? You might want to look at the articles linked at the end of the blog that discuss this distinction.

      It is possible to contextualize healing holistically, in terms of balance, rather than a dualistic perspective of bad/good. Maybe there is nothing that is inherently bad, but rather out of place or out of proportion to what is needed for optimal functioning.

      If you consider that Reiki practice helps a person’s system find its own unique balance, then it is possible to observe what happens as part of the person’s unique self-healing response.

      Rest is often part of the picture when people are experiencing deep healing. The system is focused on reorganizing toward greater balance rather than on outer activity.

      People suffering PTS/PTSD are usually profoundly exhausted; they haven’t had deep rest in a long time, maybe years. You might want to search the blog for articles I’ve published on this.

      There can be a temporary period in which the person intuitively feels the need to slow down and support the system doing what it knows best how to do. This is recovery, not pathology. This article on how Reiki practice helps may be of interest

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