Reiki Healing Pain, Bringing Gentle Change

Reiki healingI appreciate it when a critical thinker arrives in Reiki class, someone who is clearly taking apart everything I say, testing its credibility and relevance.

Critical thinkers usually come prepared to make the effort needed to actually practice once the training is over. They don’t expect their lives to magically transform in a weekend.

I remember well meeting addictions counselor Lila Stromberg at her First degree class. She was smart, personable, and seemed to have low expectations for the class, which she appeared to be attending mainly to accompany a friend.

It was a pleasure to watch her expectations yield to her experience over the three class sessions. Two months later, Lila shared her continuing Reiki practice so eloquently, I asked permission to share the email with you.

Reiki Healing Pain
by Lila Stromberg

It has been almost two months since taking First degree Reiki. The changes occurring within and around me are both incredibly subtle and at the same time, profound.

I was likely the most skeptical person in the class. I arrived armed with my preconceived notions of what Reiki was and could possibly be, and now I laugh at how limited my thinking and information was. I have to say for lack of better words: my mind has been completely blown.

As I write this, I am functioning with about 90 percent less physical pain in my hip (bursitis) which has plagued me since my two-and-a-half-year-old was in utero. That is particularly remarkable because the pain had previously responded to nothing, and I tried everything short of surgery.

But that’s not all. My sleeping has improved exponentially, I am less anxious, I’m having a level of clarity I haven’t experienced before, and things are changing. I am changing.

If someone told me I could learn a simple skill that would deliver ALL of these benefits in such a short time frame…I would have said they were crazy.

My skeptical, logical, rational brain keeps going over the data, and all it can come up with is: IT WORKS. Period, as simple as that. So why am I writing you, as I am sure you hear this on a regular basis?

My answer is simple: In addition to my new daily ritual I am trying to truly adopt the Reiki Precepts into my life. It is time to say thank you. This is life changing, it is humbling, and it is amazing.


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  1. Lila rocks! As a teacher (both Reiki and non-Reiki contexts), I especially related to Lila’s experience of being able to refrain and pause before kind of shoving material at students. It always is a win-win situation when this happens due to the “we-first”, instead of the “me-first” mindset. Thank you!

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