Gone Writing…

Reiki healingAfter publishing weekly since Hello World on May Day 2009, I am taking a blogging hiatus.

Over the next weeks, I’ll focus on writing my new website pamelamiles.com.

No worries, Reiki, Medicine and Self-care website and ReikiCentral blog will continue.

I am as committed as ever to your daily Reiki self practice and to all Reiki professionals who value a credible approach to Reiki practice. None of that is going away. (In fact, there will be improvements.)

Pamelamiles.com is a broader platform from which I’ll share with you about living with spirit and heart. Meanwhile, please enjoy this favorite of mine: Ask.


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7 thoughts on “Gone Writing…”

  1. Pamela, I so look forward to seeing and reading your new site. I hope the hiatus – although a working one – will be an enjoyable break for you. Peace.

  2. Pamela, nothing in life stays static; motion is growth. I am so very pleased for you that you are continuing to move and grow. If you ever want to toss out an idea or a trial balloon, I would be a willing ear. Wishing you much success in your new endeavor!

    1. Elise, thank you so much for your good wishes.

      What may look like a new endeavor is a natural continuation of what I’ve been doing for many decades.

      My goal is to help the public appreciate the value and accessibility of spiritual practice, and recognize that Reiki is a spiritual practice — like meditation and yoga — and one that easily connects us to the profound support that lies within us all.

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