Reiki Self Practice Heals Boundaries

Reiki self practice heals boundaries, so they become stronger and clearer, and more loving — not only boundaries we place for others, but also the ones we hold for ourselves and our minds.

Here’s an illustration from Alex Livingston, who sent me this update after practicing daily self Reiki for just 3 months, and gave me permission to share.

If your family experience isn’t as loving as you wish, or you’d like to improve any of your relationships, you’ll love Alex’s real life story of how Reiki self practice heals boundaries.

Reiki Self Practice Heals Boundaries
by Alex Livingston

I’m still practicing self Reiki daily, though occasionally I just place hands on my crown as I fall asleep at night. I’m confident I’ll be able to make a full daily self-treatment the routine this year, given how attached I’m becoming to the benefits!

The main change I’ve noticed since practicing Reiki involves my thoughts. They’re less judgmental about people and more appreciative and compassionate.

My family — parents and older sister — and I have been getting along famously. Before daily self Reiki, I thought family harmony was outside the realm of possibility.

The other day, I looked at my sister and felt so much love I thought I’d burst. That’s a gift from my Reiki self practice.

Improving boundaries on the road

The difference became clear to me recently, during a road trip from North Carolina to Washington DC. I’d been practicing self-Reiki during the long drive, which became much longer when I stopped for gas and realized I’d left my wallet at Starbucks a full state back!

In the past, my reaction to something like that has been a combination of panicky rage and self-reproach. But this time I didn’t react much at all. I was calm, then self-compassionate. And ultimately, I was grateful. As it turned out, there was enough loose change in my car to all but fill the tank. And Starbucks still had my wallet when I returned.

During those extra hours on the road, I called my mom. We discussed a weeks-long conflict that had been going on between my sister and me. What stands out is how, as I rehashed the situation, my need to be right about it just kind of dissolved.

The rug was pulled out from under my righteousness as I flashbacked to the stranger in Vermont who told me he wished he’d made an effort to listen to his son before he committed suicide.

I got off the phone with my mom and contacted my sister. I made an effort to listen to her without judgment — maybe for the first time. Shortly afterward, the conflict itself dissolved. If I hadn’t practiced self-Reiki that day, I wouldn’t have had enough perspective to consider being a listener for her; I’d have been too consumed with being right.

Plus, I haven’t smoked tobacco since September and haven’t wanted to. My Reiki self practice has given me a healthy way of self-soothing, which makes the unhealthy ways unnecessary and unappealing.


Have your family relationships improved since you’ve been practicing self Reiki? Please share your story in a comment below.

Develop healthy, compassionate boundaries with ease and grace

As much as Reiki self practice heals boundaries, most of us could still use a little help. BLESSED BOUNDARIES is an innovative program to improve your boundary skills.


3 thoughts on “Reiki Self Practice Heals Boundaries”

  1. Reiki can make life more bright in realizing the habits and energy’s that you currently have are whats bringing you down. I have tried practicing on my own and always feel like i do not know enough about the healing reiki can really accomplish in daily life. I feel like i fall behind on the knowledge and sometimes feel like a quack when i talk to friends about it. Not being judgmental towards many situations is difficult, and i hope to one day help and heal others. But before i can reach that i goal i know that i first must understand myself fully.
    Peace and love everyone!!

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