Reiki in 2017: What You Liked Most, What Didn’t Happen (Yet)

I’m not much for resolutions, but I am curious to review Reiki in 2017 and see what worked really well, what worked less well, and what just didn’t get done (yet)!

And I’m proud to welcome the I Practice Self Reiki Every Day badge in Serbian. The translation just arrived and the badge will post soon. First offered in January 2014, the badge is now available for free in 32 languages — one for each year I’ve practiced Reiki!

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What you liked most

My three most popular posts for Reiki in 2017 were:

Reiki in Hospitals: an Update  More than 2500 shares!

What Is Medical Reiki Really?  We see the term Medical Reiki often, but what does it mean?

Can Reiki Heal My Relationship?  Of course it can, but maybe not the way you wish.

You keep signing up for my free training, What Is Medical Reiki? YESSS!

In fact, your interest in Medical Reiki just keeps growing, and for that I am so grateful. I’ve been leading my Reiki & Medicine Intensive for nearly 15 years, and it’s deeply gratifying that so many Reiki home and professional practitioners want this information and want to understand the issues so you can make more informed healthcare choices and represent Reiki credibly to family, friends, the mainstream public and their doctors, nurses and other licensed care providers.

A lot has changed since I first practiced Reiki in conventional health care in the early 1990s (watch the Reiki tv news video). There’s been more change than I anticipated and not as much as I hoped.

What I didn’t do for Reiki in 2017

I didn’t blog as often as I want to, not here on ReikiCentral, and especially not on That’s where I discuss spiritual practice and healing from a perspective that is not Reiki-exclusive.

SIDEBAR: I was already a professional healer and meditation teacher when I learned to practice Reiki in 1986, with decades of spiritual practice and a proven track record helping clients reclaim their happiness and well-being. The Pamela Miles blog is an avenue to support anyone interested in spirituality, not only Reiki practitioners, and it has a separate signup. Here are my favorite posts.

I didn’t write my next book (or any of the three I have outlined). AARGH!

I just didn’t write enough. I want to change that but honestly, I don’t (yet) have a plan.

What I’m excited about in 2018

I’m looking forward to the many ways we can continue to grow together in the coming year. Will I get to know you in-person here in New York City, in Mexico, or at the Omega Reiki conference? Or will we come together online in live and recorded programs. Here’s what I’ve scheduled so far:


Blessed Boundaries January 26-February 8

Shift Network Winter of Wellness TeleSummit January 16-20

Reiki Healing TeleSummit starts January 22

IN-PERSON EVENTS, New York City & elsewhere

Heart of Reiki Retreat in Mexico February 10-17 — 2 places left!

First-degree Reiki in San Miguel Mexico February 18-20

Reiki & Medicine Intensives NYC in March

Omega Reiki conference Rhinebeck, NY June 1-3

Blessed Boundaries Retreat at Omega August 27-31 details TBA

Monthly JCC Reiki clinics in NYC

Going forward

It is an honor to be part of the global Reiki community and to serve you.

I strive for a balance of free content that opens doors with a credible model and language for Reiki practice and paid online and in-person offerings for those who want to go deeper.

I’m currently writing a post about Reiki and cancer. If you’re not on my email list, sign up for ReikiUpdate to make sure that very useful article arrives in your inbox.

Please leave a comment below telling me what else you’d like me to do, and how else I might support you.


4 thoughts on “Reiki in 2017: What You Liked Most, What Didn’t Happen (Yet)”

  1. Thank you Pamela for all the compassionate work you do for Reiki. It sure is making a difference. Reiki all the way

  2. Best of the season to you Pamela! Again this year, I have found your educational offerings so valuable as I continue to grow and deepen into my 7th year of Reiki self practice and hands on healing. I am grateful for our shared connection to the global Reiki community and I look forward to your always insightful, courageous and consistent presence in 2018.

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