Getting Your (Reiki) House in Order

A new Reiki student shared an intriguing observation as the practitioners discussed their experiences after the JCC Reiki Clinic. She has been practicing daily self-treatment for two months, and she’s keeping her house neater—an unexpected and welcome benefit for her. She disliked having her home messy (her word), but hard as she tried, she couldn’t stay on top of the piles and clutter…and then came Reiki.

In decades of teaching, I’ve heard students express many benefits from daily self-treatment, but I don’t recall hearing that one before. It set me contemplating…

When asked how they feel right after a Reiki treatment, most people say, “relaxed.” Some people focus on specific aspects of relaxation, perhaps the ones they most value. They express feeling clearer, lighter, more centered, or “like myself again.”

Relaxation is by far the most common immediate experience of the balancing effect of Reiki treatment. Relaxation is, however, just the beginning, especially for those who practice self-treatment regularly.

Greater balance in oneself leads to greater harmony in the home, at work, in relationships, greater ease in one’s endeavors–the possibilities are endless, and Reiki benefits show up in unexpected forms.

Let’s take a look at the details of how balance is showing up in our lives.

How is your daily practice of Reiki self-treatment improving the quality of your life? Please share your benefits in a comment below, and let us know how long you’ve been practicing.

Let’s compile a long list of benefits so we can see both those benefits that are frequently experienced, and also the unique ways in which balance can show up in our lives. Sometimes hearing what another person is experiencing helps us notice benefits we’ve been overlooking.


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12 thoughts on “Getting Your (Reiki) House in Order”

  1. Patty, being a calmer, more loving person is the key to greater well-being and the core gift of Reiki practice. Thank you for articulating it so clearly and simply.

  2. I have been practicing Reiki for two years now. On myself and on my immediate family. I do it on myself regularly and I feel more relaxed and able to deal with stressful situations in a way calmer manner. I feel more love towards others that used to get under my skin before. I would say I’m a more loving person now.

  3. I too have noticed some wonderful benefits of Reiki self-healing. I feel the vibrations in my body better, I am more aware of things, my intuition is more available to me. I feel more in tune with myself and my environment. I am also more relaxed, less stressed out, and more conscious of what is going on in my body, mind and spirit.

  4. Getchie Argetsinger

    Reiki feels like unconditional love to me. No matter how crazy I get and no matter how many times I disappoint myself (Oh, my impatience is still there…or: Woops, I was reactive again…or: Jeepers, when will I stop being so obsessive? etc.) Reiki always welcomes me and gently soothes my demons. As I read everyone’s experiences I thought “Me, too” to many of you and am grateful for what you shared. A really neat benefit I’ve been noticing lately is that my intuition seems keener.

  5. I’ve been practicing for a year and a half. Here are the benefits I have noticed: More grounded, less reactive, better sense of humor, better sense of how to care for myself and family, more restful sleep. Sophia, I’ve been thinking a lot about silence recently and am very inspired by your post. Thanks!

  6. Thank you Pamela Once again this is a sparkling jewell to share

    I could list a page full of benefits practicing daily self treatment for 6 years has brought to me but, today what stands out the most is the confidence and clarity in my everyday approach to any relationship interactions. That is huge!

  7. After one month of daily self-treatment, I decided to experiment with more relaxation by going on a two-day silent retreat. During this retreat I slowed down, walked around a lake, listened to birds singing, and gave myself long, luxurious Reiki treatments without using a timer. I slept better than I had in years and returned to the city refreshed and centered.

    Since then, I have added the practice of silence to daily Reiki in my personal formula for good health. I go on silent retreat every two months and have started a blog on silence,

    It’s been one year since I started practicing Reiki daily and I am very thankful to you, Pamela, for teaching me this wonderful practice.

  8. Self Reiki for me helps be become more relaxed, more focused. Helps when I have aches & pains. Helps me feel more grounded & more present in myself. Reduces my stress & anxiety & makes me feel calmer. Over the 11 years I have been doing Reiki helped me with different health issues & has helped me in my life so much. Reiki has helped me through emotional issues, helped me to fall asleep.

  9. Now that I self-treat in bed in the morning before I get out of it, I get up more focused and energetic, instead of foggy and slow. That, to me, is a really big gift!!

  10. Overall, I feel more level and less worried. When I went for my physical this week, my blood pressure was also lower. Gift!!!!

  11. It is starting to become easier to maintain a sense of quiet and “groundedness’ when I am in situations which are anxious or emotionally drama driven.

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