Relief for Women with Cancer

Imagine a day in which 120* women who have been diagnosed with cancer receive a free Reiki treatment.

That has been happening annually since 2006 at the JCC Spa Day for Women with Breast or Ovarian Cancer in New York City.  This is the first Reiki treatment for most recipients, and many rate their Reiki treatment as the highlight of this very special day of nurturing.

The 2020 Spa Day is Sunday, March 22.

Practitioners at past Spa Days shared these comments:

  • The light in the eyes of each recipient shone with such trust and love that permeated everyone in the room. Reiki vibration is love in its purest form.
  • It was truly a manifestation of divine love and a direct experience that we receive through giving.
  • It was hard to distinguish the giving from the receiving. It was all one!
  • It was deeply rewarding to offer Reiki treatment at Spa Day. The women were so open and trusting.
  • Giving Reiki treatment in a group setting was fantastic. I felt connected to everyone who received treatment on our table.
  • Thank you for organizing this tremendous event and giving me the opportunity to share love through Reiki.

Let’s bring our Reiki hands together and build a pathway out of pain, anxiety and suffering for these women, and for ourselves.

Would you like to volunteer for this beautiful and inspiring event? I hope so. All Reiki practitioners who have taken at least First degree training from any lineage or practice style are warmly welcome. The time commitment is approximately 9 AM to 3 PM but we will confirm details later.

Please click here to answer a few questions and watch your inbox (and junk folder!) for a reply.

Can’t make it this year? Click here if you want me to be notified about next year’s Spa Day.

*Due to funding constraints after 2008, the JCC Spa Day now cares for 80 women each year.


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