First Degree Reiki Self-Healing

Reiki healingLast night I received a hand-written note from a student in a recent First degree class. I share it hoping it inspires you to get what she’s having:

Thank you for sharing the gift of Reiki with me. I’m so glad I chose to learn the practice from you, and so excited to see what my Reiki hands teach me through daily practice.

I already feel a deep shift in my life, from my core. This experience feels like a major point in a long journey of coming to understand the importance of self-care in my life.

Reiki practice is so simple, and yet revolutionary in its ability to remind us of our connection to Source.

I am in awe of your life’s work and grateful to in some way be part of it.

Are you thinking of learning to practice Reiki self-treatment? Click here for tips how to identify a qualified Reiki master and class in your area, or here for New York City Reiki classes.

Have you already learned to practice Reiki? Are you practicing daily Reiki self-treatment? Need a little reminder how? Click here.

With gratitude, work diligently: Practice.

Every day.


Then inspire us with your Reiki story (please click here to learn more).


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