Reiki Self Practice Eases Uncertainty

Reiki self practice eases uncertainty and anxietyIt’s said that in times of uncertainty, people grab at certainties. Fueled by anxiety and a very understandable need for relief, people often lower the bar for rationality. But faux certainties give only a fleeting sense of relief. Faux certainties are polarizing and lead to errors, sometimes tragic ones.

This can be the year in which you create your own living, breathing certainty, one that supports you through converging upheavals. How? Daily Reiki self practice eases uncertainty and anxiety by encouraging your system toward balance. And if you’re not already practicing self Reiki every day — if that’s you I hear groaning in the background — it’s easier than you think. Much easier.

Lean on the three Cs of successful daily self Reiki practice: commitment, consistency, and contentment.

Reiki practice eases uncertainty

First, make a commitment. Not just any commitment, and certainly not one that will raise your anxiety. Make a commitment you can actually keep, one that is customized to your life and your needs right now. You can always tweak as you go.

I’m a morning person, so my dedicated practice time is before I’m out of bed. That’s the time that’s easiest for me to commit to, and I love the way it starts my day. Before I even open my eyes, I place my hands and slowly move through the 8 placements of my self practice protocol.

But that’s me. Any sequence of placements and any time of day that suits you can work. Remember in order for Reiki self practice to ease anxious uncertainty, you have to actually practice, so schedule your practice time into your day.

Don’t make the mistake of leaving your self practice up for grabs, fitting it in on the fly. Commit to daily practice by giving it a home in your daily schedule. You’ll find that simply knowing when you’ll experience the sweet haven of your self practice helps you feel steadier, less uncertain and anxious.

The secret is to choose a time that’s a good fit for your existing schedule, a time when adding something new to your schedule will create the least friction. Research shows friction wrecks havoc with creating a new habit.

For many people, the time of least friction is when they’re in bed at either end of the day, but it can be any time that works for you. Find a time in your day, every day, that you can commit even a few minutes to placing your hands for self practice and letting your awareness drop within, into your timelessness.

You will benefit no matter what time of day you practice, as long as you practice consistently.

Reiki practice consistency

Consistency matters. It puts an expiration date on the uncertainties that pile up. Practicing every day is more important than how long you practice.

The mind — your mind — is relentless. It creates mischief without end. Your daily self practice loosens the relentless pressure the mind exerts on you and gives you a healing reprieve. You need a healing reprieve everyday.

You might need to be gently relentless in order to practice consistently in the beginning. Engage your discipline to give you enough days of self practice so you’re noticing improvement, not in your practice, but in how you feel the rest of the time. Notice how well you’re sleeping, or if your relationships are smoother.

Identify 2 or 3 areas where you’d like more ease. Do you, for example, suffer from pain or anxiety? Check in every few days or weekly to notice if there’s any improvement. It’s easy to forget about something that’s no longer bothering you, so checking in with yourself in those areas can help strengthen your motivation.

Once you’ve established a consistent Reiki self practice, the improvement in your happiness and well-being will motivate you. You might notice your mind has become less adversarial.

Which takes us to the third C: contentment.

Practicing contentment

Daily self practice leads to contentment, but if you’re a perfectionist, or if you have an elaborate practice ritual that feels burdensome to commit to every day, you might need to practice contentment with the amount of practice you actually can commit to every day, or on any given day.

You’re clever enough to realize that a 5-minute Reiki self practice probably won’t ease uncertainty as much as a 30-minute self practice, but if 5 minutes is all you have, start there. Let it be good enough. Practice and be content with your practice. Don’t let your anxiety and perfectionism undermine you. As Hawayo Takata (the Reiki master who brought Reiki practice to the U.S. from Japan in the 1930s) famously said, Any Reiki practice is better than no Reiki practice.

The only Reiki practice that eases uncertainty is the one you actually do; the Reiki practice you actually practice is the best Reiki practice for you. That’s a certainty.

Whether or not you have a consistent self practice, practicing in community adds another level of support, so you feel less isolated and anxious in these uncertain times. We meet online every Tuesday and Saturday for free global self practice sessions. Everyone is welcome, whether or not you have Reiki training. Please join us as your schedule allows.

Would a Reiki Timer help you practice? It’s my gift to you for iOS and Android.

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  1. Hi Pamela
    Your post today is very timely as i did ‘groan’ this morning about doing my reiki practice! And as i flung off my blanket i heard the voice – do some reiki. So i did and it felt wonderful and it’s the first time i recall feeling my whole body tingling.
    Thank you for the reminders Pamela.

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