Reiki Treatment Brings Clarity, Serenity and Comfort. Want Some?

GUEST BLOGGER Trish Guglielmo’s enthusiasm for her daily self-practice was apparent from the beginning. Here she shares the benefits of her first two months of daily self-treatment. If you’d like help writing about Reiki, click now to learn about WRITE REIKI.

Reiki Treatment Brings New A Beginning
by Trish Guglielmo

I embarked on a journey of self healing after losing my mother and stepping down from an 11-year career. Meditation and crystal consciousness brought comfort, and an awareness of all my life’s blessings.

And then I found Reiki practice…

It seems ironic that I found myself by going back to my hometown. I signed up for Reiki training in Manhattan — quite a hike for someone living in the Catskills — but an exciting new beginning that reminded me that the city was where my spirit really took flight.

Reiki self care as a daily gift

Now self-treatment is a personal and fulfilling gift I give myself every day. The need to nurture others has finally subsided within me. I realize self-nurturing is the most rewarding thing I can do for myself, my family, and the universe.

The ability to calm my nerves, comfort my anxieties, and truly balance my body is a blessing. The benefits of my daily Reiki self-treatment continually amaze me.

Each self-practice has a calming effect. I feel extremely awake afterwards, as if my eyes are fine-tuned to the exact measure of clarity, and each breath is clean. The chatter and distraction of everyday things in my head exits without effort, and I am able to be present with myself.

My awareness of my Reiki hands and how they feel varies, but any pain or discomfort I have dissipates after I place my hands, as if an eraser wipes over the chalkboard of my mind.

Finding inner peace

The greatest benefit of self-practice is the awareness of putting my needs first, before giving to others. Only then am I truly present in my life, with all the blessings that surround me.

I cherish the time I practice, and I now have what I have been searching for: inner peace. I am eager to go out and share with everyone, mindful that my work begins with me, and my path is bright with possibilities.

Although I continue to be fascinated and present when giving others a Reiki treatment, it is the serenity and comfort I experience in daily self practice that warms my heart, and I am grateful.


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How to Practice Reiki Self-Treatment
Practice Makes Present

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3 thoughts on “Reiki Treatment Brings Clarity, Serenity and Comfort. Want Some?”

  1. I agree, Gary, and would love to see some voluntary standards in the Reiki community. Any ideas how to gather enough agreement in the community to make meaningful standards?

  2. Robert’s research has enabled him to better understand the variations of several lineages form Usui’s origional tenents and allow his students to have a clearer picture of the evolution of Reiki under
    various Masters. I applaud Robert’s mission of attempting to learn as much as possible from the Masters who had lineages derived from Usui. Robert has set a standard, which I believe could be a beginning for establishing Reiki Standards.

  3. Trish’s words really resonate with me. My daily self treatments are so valuable to me. Each morning I start the day with my Reiki treatment. What a treasure to have Reiki
    within my hand’s reach for myself and the animals and people within my practice. Thanks Trish for sharing your experience.

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