Reiki Hands Where?–Using a Reiki Protocol

Some people who practice daily self-treatment with hand placements following a Reiki protocol lose weight. Others feel more confident, or enjoy their jobs or family life more. People often sleep better and notice improvements in digestion and memory, and/or feel they are more present. Different people notice different benefits, because Reiki practice is balancing.

Reiki students often ask if some of the hand placements in their Reiki protocol are more important than others, or if it matters what order of hand placements you use.

What really matters is that you practice.

Every day.

If you only put your hands on yourself as you fall asleep, that’s better than nothing. Hawayo Takata, the Reiki master who brought the practice from Japan with her Reiki master Chujiro Hayashi, often reminded her students that any Reiki practice is better than no Reiki practice.

Simply placing your hands anywhere on your body can be enough to encourage a systemic balancing response from deep within you, but you’ll repeating your Reiki protocol daily brings the most benefit.

Reiki protocol benefits

However—you knew there would be a “however”—if you want to receive the greatest benefits as fast as possible (yes, I am a New Yorker!), give yourself a full Reiki protocol treatment every day, moving your hands leisurely along whatever sequence you were taught.

If you weren’t taught a self Reiki protocol, try this simple 8 placement sequence.

If you use a Reiki protocol—repeating the same sequence every time you practice—you don’t have to pay attention to what you are doing, and your mind can drop spontaneously into a meditative state. This adds another level of healing to the session.

Afraid you’ll find it boring to just keep doing the same thing over and over, day after day? You’ll be surprised what experiences wait for you, and how interesting daily Reiki practice becomes, once you get past the “boring” threshold. And I don’t mean just noticing the various sensations as your system reorganizes (part of your balancing response to Reiki treatment).

I mean what happens when you stop worrying “Am I feeling anything yet?,” how your awareness drops peacefully into the present, or into a profoundly healing meditative state (and you thought you were just falling asleep).

Reiki healing benefits

Now that you brought up sleep—taking the time for self-practice with your Reiki protocol will improve your sleep, usually the first night, but I’ve never seen it take longer than a week.

Sleep is big, but it is also just the beginning, the first domino in a chain of complex, systemic healing responses that take time to unfold. Once you’re sleeping better, your body functions better, your mind is calmer, not so reactive, more focused and content. Vital self-healing occurs during deep sleep, so improved sleep leads to improvements in many areas.

And yes, some people who practice daily self-treatment lose weight. Others feel more confident, or enjoy their jobs more, or their family life. Different people notice different benefits, because Reiki treatment is balancing.

But all of them feel better about themselves, no matter where they place their Reiki hands.

Try some Reiki self-treatment, and let me know what you notice. And if you’d like a month of free very short emails, try my 30-day Daily Self Reiki Challenge.

Have you joined me for a free global I Love MySelf Reiki practice session yet? You can practice using the Reiki protocol I use, or as you prefer. What matters most is that you practice, not how you practice.


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11 thoughts on “Reiki Hands Where?–Using a Reiki Protocol”

  1. I wish you and your reiki readers a Very happy year! I have been practicing since May 2010. I wish I had known a long time ago about reiki but better late than never. It is the very best thing I have done for myself . It brings me peace and energy at the same time . I have read your book twice on my Kobo reader . Hearing you is hearing my own reaki teacher .I will keep fallowing you in this new year! Thank you VERY MUTCH!!!!!

  2. I had my first Reiki treatment ten years ago while on a business trip to Vancouver. Little did I know it would change my life forever. I was so moved that day I couldn’t leave the spa for almost an hour. My Reiki experience is a very visual one – I see imagery in my mind’s eye as I treat people that often relates back to physical and mental states they are experiencing. It is the same for me when I receive a treatment. That first day I experienced Reiki, a message came to me as if it was spoken right to me – that I would learn Reiki and help those most in need and who were in hospice. I was terrified – death scared me, blood made me faint. For two years I was afraid to even think about Reiki let alone learn it. Slowly, I’ve studied, now with three Reiki Masters, as I follow my path. I’m still far away from working with the very ill, but closer than I was ten years ago. When placing my hands I ‘listen’ and ‘see’ where the body tells me to go, feeling my way intuitively along. It never fails to surprise me. One woman who I worked with had recently had a post installed in her jaw and was feeling out of balance and disoriented (she did not tell me this). Placing my hands over her eyes, I sensed that the well side of her face was not speaking with the unwell side. I had no idea what that might mean, but only that there was tension between the two sides. Her right side felt cold and I saw a cool metal-ness, while the left felt alive and was orange/yellow. I asked the two to cooperate and visualized them coming together. They began to spin, intertwined, energy and metal, in a spiral until the cool and the warm were one and there was a workable balance. I held my hands in place while they practiced their new relationship. Later in the treatment, I placed my hands on her forehead and solar plexis and saw the energy running smoothly through. Since then, she has been at peace with her new dental implant and doesn’t feel any interference.

  3. I had gotten away from the diligence of daily practice, and in this new year, with all of it’s changes and blessings and tumult…I realized that it was vitally important to return to it again.
    I always counsel new Reiki students to ultimately rely upon what feels right, or upon what they feel led to do. I teach them the “classic” hand positions, and then I tell them that this is a mere framework — training wheels. I often perform Reiki with one hand on one part of the body, and my other hand on another part of the body — it feels connective, and that’s important. It’s what I’ve always been led to do. I always finish a treatment (of myself, or of a client) with one hand on the top of their head, and my other on the heart.

  4. I recently started practicing and receiving reiki and I love it! And the fact that you can treat yourself every day, several times a day if you want! I would have to say I have definitely noticed a difference in my sleeping habits. I used to have a hard time falling asleep, or I would wake up during the night and not be able to go back to sleep, or I would toss and turn. Now I rarely have those problems. And best of all on the weekends when I stay up late I can actually sleep in in the morning. Provided my kids let me!

  5. Thank you all for taking the time to write. I’m happy to know that my nagging is paying off for you. 🙂

    MJ, in case this is useful–it’s enough to love your practice and practice for yourself. That’s most important. There is really no need for most practitioners to become a Reiki master. Traditionally, becoming a Reiki master has been in response to being called to teach. Usui initiated over 2000 students, but he only trained 16 of them as Reiki masters. Hayashi and Takata continued in this way. This distinction was largely lost as Reiki practice became more popular in the US, and the traditional standards were dropped. For most people, First degree training is enough. I don’t encourage my students to even learn Second degree, although I’m happy to teach them if they have been practicing daily self-treatment for at least 3-6 months, and usually longer.

  6. Reiki has been the best thing that has happened in my life. I am truly blessed!! This is the first time on your website and I must say that you have a very informative site. Reiki has brought balance and peace into my life. It has also given me my life back. Every time something good happens to me, I always thank the Higher Being and when things go bad, I try to figure out what lesson was to be learned from it. I continue to practice and hope to become a Reiki Master one day.

  7. Jacqueline Trudeau

    Since I’ve started doing Reiki self-treatments, I have felt more relaxed, confident, and so much healthier all together. I am definitely more focused on my goals and dreams. Things that used to bother me or set me off don’t have the same effect anymore. WHat a great feeling!! Thank you Pamela for getting me back on track. Yes, I hope to keep practicing self Reiki

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