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Reiki healingA few months ago, I started another blog at My plan is to continue blogging all things Reiki here at ReikiCentral, but once a month or so, I will blog from my other site.


I have more to share, and I want to share it with more people.

We do not live by Reiki practice alone

Spiritual practice and natural healing have been my lifestyle for — ahem — half a century. Plus.

I’ve learned so much during those decades, and I’m still learning.

Until now I’ve shared that knowledge and perspective only with my private clients, or an occasional article (here’s my all-time favorite, written for Yoga Journal, From Here to Serenity).

I’ve long been aching to share what has made such a difference in the lives of my family and my clients with all of you, and with your friends, people who may not (yet) be Reiki practitioners. People who may never choose to practice Reiki, but who want to be happy and healthy, to live with spirit and heart. A broader community.

ReikiCentral blog will continue to serve the global Reiki community, not only by sharing what I’ve learned since I started practicing Reiki in 1986, but also by showcasing what other thoughtful Reiki practitioners have accomplished in their communities, and by sharing your personal Reiki stories. (let me know when you’re ready to write one!)

Please join me

Do you have a minute to read Who’s in Charge of You?

If you enjoy the post, please enter your email in the box at the end and I promise to send posts that are inspiring, thought-provoking and enjoyable.

Thank you for your love of Reiki practice. I treasure the community we’re building. Let’s share our blessings generously.


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