Reiki Beginner’s Report

Reiki healingIf you already practice Reiki, this report of a student’s first three weeks of Reiki healing will bring back sweet memories.

If you’re a new reader wondering what Reiki healing might offer you, who can tell you better than someone who is just starting? Enjoy! —

“Pamela, I cannot believe how much I am benefiting from my practice!

And I also feel benefits reaching the people around me, which is truly a gift. The more balanced I am, the more comfort and peace I feel, the more others can experience some of this. If I find myself stressed or anxious, I take a few moments to place my hands and balance returns.

Some friends sense a difference in me and ask what is new. When I ask what they notice, they say calmness, serenity, almost buddha-like, an aura of old wisdom. I tell them I started practicing Reiki, and offer some folks a quick sample so they get a small sense of what they could have themselves.

I feel subtle changes in my husband, and wonder if  it is because I am much more balanced and consistent. I notice he is calmer some times — almost miraculous for his (beloved) personality type.

For the first time since I started studying shamanism a year and a half ago, my husband is very curious about what I am doing. Reiki practice is something he can relate to because as soon as he heard of it, he started seeing changes in me that he appreciates, both because he wants me to be happy, and because I’m a bit easier on him these days!

Reiki practice has been a life changer for me.

I am experiencing what you said, that Reiki practice is not about intention. I ask for nothing and I expect nothing, and what I receive is amazing.

The simplicity of Reiki practice compared to Shamanic energy work and Qi Gong is wonderful and make practicing Reiki so much more accessible.

I am loving reading your book. There is so much substance. I find myself lingering on words or phrases for quite some time, trying to take in the multitude of implications. I am embracing the words about looking at where we are when we engage others. What place am I in?

Although the learning continues and I can see that it takes time to understand just how profound Reiki practice truly is, the practice itself is accessible from day one. It stands alone.

Reiki practice is an effortless gift that we give ourselves and others that becomes more and more profound as we explore the gift.

Reiki practice has been a life changer for me. My daily practice has brought so much peace and balance. I treasure  the simplicity of the practice. No intent, not being a conduit, just Reiki hands on, Reiki hands off and the simple Precepts.”

Have you recently started practicing Reiki, or do you remember those early weeks of practice? How do the Precepts extend your practice beyond hands-on, hands-off? Please click here to share your experience or ask a question.


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6 thoughts on “Reiki Beginner’s Report”

  1. This posting mirrors my experience. I have had Reiki since 2002 and have been involved in other forms of energy work…one before Reiki and another since. I was unable to sustain my time in any of these three practices from sheer exhaustion. Then I heard you talk about self care. I did the virtual retreat and have been practicing daily self care for a few months now. I cannot tell you what a difference it has made for me. I am so peaceful that some days I’m just in wonder at the quietness of my spirit, my energy level and my focus. Thank you so much for promoting self care. You are honestly the first teacher I have had in the holistic community that addressed what was an overwhelming need in my life. And one that I wasn’t even aware I had. Blessings~

    1. Jan, I cannot express how happy I am to read your comment! Good for you for committing to your self-care.

  2. As a practioner of both shamanic and Reiki modalities for 20 years, I love this opportunity presented above to see both with fresh eyes. I am greatful for the power of both and use them both, personally and in my healing practice. I was given great advice to not mix modalities until after you have mastered each of them separately.

    I discovered Reiki after working with the shamanic modality and loved its simplicity and accessibility. I am greatful for my shamanic training but if I had started with Reiki, I’m not sure I would have had to invest the time and energy in my training.

    I personally consider Reiki to be the “Merlot” of the healing modalities. It is accessible in its simplicity while bringing true delight in its ability to help restore balance.

    I am told The Japanese kanji for Reiki contains the “rain maker” or “shaman.” Both modalities are challenging in their simplicity. Both require us as practitioners to “get out of the way” and trust the intelligence of the Source. Neither include a diagnosis.

    If I had to choose only one, I’d choose Reiki. It’s not only a great place to start a healing journey, it provides a lifetime of exploration and growth.

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