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Reiki TravelIt is well documented that nearly half of all cancers are preventable.

Why is it, then, that one in three Americans will receive a cancer diagnosis during their lifetimes?

It’s wonderful that Reiki practice can ease the side effects of cancer treatment and aid recovery — and that Reiki treatment is offered in prestigious cancer centers such as Memorial Sloan Kettering (New York City), Dana Farber/Harvard (Boston), and M.D. Anderson (Houston).

But the greatest value of Reiki practice will never be part of academic medicine.

Reiki prevention, hands at home

The most valuable Reiki practice is your daily home self practice. Your daily self care.

You will never know how much pain, suffering and illness your daily self Reiki prevents.

Prevention of lifestyle maladies that plague so-called First World countries — heart disease, cancer and diabetes —  is impossible to prove. How can you measure what doesn’t happen?

And do you really need proof of the obvious?

Research shows

If you’re wondering what research says about Reiki practice and prevention, the limited data we have suggests Reiki practice gently and quickly shifts the body into parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) dominance, which brings short range benefits such as:I Love Myself Reiki

  • reduced pain
  • reduced anxiety
  • improved heart rate
  • improved heart rate variability
  • improved blood pressure
  • improved respiration.

That’s what happens pretty quickly when you practice, and all of those changes are valuable.

Your daily Reiki self practice also brings long range benefits because moving into PNS dominance optimizes your body’s self healing, and it does that every day.

Every. Day.

Reiki practice benefits

Practice self Reiki prevention every day and you will feel better, function better, love better, sleep better, digest better, connect better.

If you don’t already know that, run your own experiment and practice self Reiki every day for the next six months.

Too long? How about three weeks?

This week?

Today only? Practice self Reiki right now and let me know how you feel when you are finished!

I practice daily self Reiki


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4 thoughts on “Reiki Prevention”

  1. I do not believe that self practice prevents anything “bad” from happening to us. I believe that it adds a foundational layer that grounds, centers, and creates a safe space. Personally, I believe that when unwanted circumstances arise we have the ability to call forth positive energy and healing to support us in the manner that we need it the most.

    1. Sheri, don’t you think that being grounded and centered can make a difference in terms of someone tripping and falling, or not?

      And it is well documented that chronic stress results in biochemical changes that create a degenerative condition in the body that predisposes one to disease, according to one’s constitutional weaknesses and environmental risk factors.

      Prevention is not magical; it is scientific. And while not everything is preventable, choosing to take care of ourselves in whatever ways appeal to us helps us prevent what can be prevented, and supports us to weather life’s storms with more grace, minimizing the pain that cannot be prevented.

  2. Yes, many cancers are preventable, but not always by individuals. Our environment is awash in toxic chemicals. I have done daily self-Reiki for 16 years. I have eaten organic food (no meat) for 40 years. But I got breast cancer. And my sweet little dog, who also eats clean food, has bladder cancer. (RoundUp has been linked to bladder cancer, and we live in an agricultural area loaded with corn fields.)

    Self-Reiki practice helped me tremendously when I was in treatment. And I share my Reiki hands with my canine companion daily now that she is ill.

    Reiki practice is nothing short of amazing in its power and comfort and love. I will continue practicing. But I will also work very hard to get our environment cleaned up.

    1. I agree with you completely, Pam. It has been known for many years that cancer is largely environmental.

      I did not mean to imply that all preventable disease is preventable by the individual, nor was I implying that Reiki practice alone is all that is needed.

      That said, daily self Reiki practice is a very good start.

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