Sleep Much?

We are a sleep-deprived nation.

Not only adults, but — even more alarming — many school-aged children are suffering from a lack of deep, nourishing sleep.

And I mean suffering. Science links poor sleep with an increasing list of serious health conditions, including obesity and depression.

Reiki practice improves sleep

In one of life’s great ironies, as you become more exhausted, your body seems to forget how to sleep well. Reiki treatment reminds your body how to downshift, and quickly improves the quality of your sleep. People often notice benefits after their very first Reiki session, even those with PTSD.

How exactly can Reiki treatment help you sleep better? A shift toward a more open, easeful breath is one of the first responses to the light touch of a Reiki hand. This shift happens so effortlessly that people may not notice it at the time, yet it is the first domino in a powerful healing cascade.

As the breath is, so becomes the mind. When the breath becomes open and even, the mind naturally becomes quieter, more peaceful. A calm, centered mind brings many benefits, including deeper, more refreshing sleep.

In med-speak, we’re talking about a shift from sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) dominance to parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) dominance. Not only is there abundant anecdotal evidence of this happening, there’s also a growing body of research evidence that Reiki treatment is a catalyst for this healing shift.

Adding Reiki practice to a busy schedule

You can receive Reiki treatment from a friend or professional, or you can learn to practice on yourself. Once trained, you can practice literally in bed, as you fall asleep and/or awaken in the morning — and you’ll have this healing practice for the rest of your life.

People who are sleep-deprived are also often pressed for time. That tends to happen when you’re not functioning well, and if you’re sleep-deprived, you’re not functioning as well as you might think you are.

If you think your schedule is too tight to squeeze in one more thing, heave an audible sigh of relief. All it takes is about 8-12 hour class to learn to practice First degree (entry level) Reiki on yourself, your family, friends, and pets.

Since there are no standards for Reiki treatment or training, you need to look carefully for a credible Reiki practitioner or teacher who’s both qualified and right for you. That’s so important that I devoted an entire chapter of my book REIKI: A Comprehensive Guide to help you do this. You can also learn a few tips from this short video, and consider these important points.

An open, comfortable breath, calm mind, and good sleep are not just good ideas; they are medical necessities. You simply cannot regain or maintain health without them. Reiki practice puts them literally in the palms of your hands.

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5 thoughts on “Sleep Much?”

  1. High quality essential oils and hydrosols (Mountain Rose Herbals is one of my favorite sources) are a lovely and effective bedtime ritual, and combine beautifully with some Reiki self-treatment.

    The most profound benefit, however, comes from regular Reiki treatment, either a full self-treatment every day, or seeing your Reiki practitioner regularly. This will help keep the system balanced and better able to achieve deep, rejuvenating sleep.

  2. I like to combine Reiki with Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils before i sleep. The effect is incredible great and fast. it is not just working on energy level but all the five senses. I found that while i place a few drops of pure essential oils over my palms while giving reiki to my self or client, the effect is like double boost. try it out! and i think the natural plants essense also working on more deeper layer like etheric body, body cells and tissues too.

  3. Pamela,this write up of yours focuses on such a vital need of all Americans.Very thoughtful of you to address this problem that a very large number of people are troubled with in the harassed,hurried and stressed lives of the present times.You are absolutely right in remarking that even school children have started suffering from insomnia in recent times due to stress that grown up persons were used to having thanks to the stressful lifestyles.What you have put in here shows the amount of research and knowledge of yours that has gone into writing this.It is great.I tried both the hand positions of Reiki recommended by you upon reading this.The breathing from both the nostrils started becoming balanced after a few minutes.It kindles the hope that with an easy practice over a reasonable time the normal breathing with healthy effects should get restored.It feels like quitening the mind as well.
    There is a fund of useful knowledge on the link of Elena’s page too.What she says is very beneficial and so true.Added to that are so many further links that can make a lot of difference to the lives of those who may take out time and choose to apply and practice them.Many thanks to both of you.

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