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I first met guest blogger Jenny Sandbank, owner of Little Cub Reiki, when she started coming to our monthly JCC Reiki Clinic. Jenny volunteers with local animal rescue organizations and the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.

Practicing Reiki with Animals
by Jenny Sandbank

Reiki healing for animalsPedro was emaciated and at death’s door when rescued from a kill shelter. After two months at the vet, the Pit Bull was still nervous around people.

He was hesitant when I offered him his very first Reiki treatment. Five minutes into the treatment, he walked away and curled up into a ball in the corner of his crate.  He was done and I honored that.

I returned the next day. This time, when I laid his blanket out, he reclined, but kept one eye open during his 45-minute Reiki treatment.

When I returned a few days later, Pedro sat as close to me as possible, rolled onto his back and threw his legs into my lap.

My own cat, Leroy (above), was also hesitant at first. He would literally run off any time I tried to place my hand on his heart. Then Mrs. Takata’s expression “hands-on, Reiki on” came to mind.

That night I slept with my palms turned up, so he could come for a treatment if he wanted.

I awoke to find Leroy lying with his heart cupped in my upturned palm. This continued for three or four nights in a row. Now he has no problem when I place my Reiki hands on his heart.

Sadie, my little Yorkie client, was so terrified of going for walks that the mere sight of her dog walker caused her to shake violently.

During our second session, the dog walker arrived to find Sadie, belly up, in a deep state of relaxation. He cradled her in his arms, in a total state of disbelief that she would allow such a thing, and whisked her off for her walk.

The next day, he reported that she’d been much calmer and didn’t shake at all on their walk. Sadie is now much less anxious outside and her person is confident the Reiki treatments played a part in her turnaround.

I love sharing Reiki treatments with animals. They are such sensitive beings and amazing teachers. They often show you where they’d like your Reiki hands placed and get up and walk away when they’re done. Unlike us humans, animals never second-guess what they’re experiencing, which helps me to do the same.

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5 thoughts on “Reiki for Animals”

  1. I love these stories regarding Reiki practice and animals (thank you). I have begun to have experiences with my own cat and a couple of cats I’ve been sitting with, both hands-on and hands-off.

  2. My favourite story related to a clients horse imported 3 months prior with a dent in his forehead and very head shy. I volunteered to come & see him and within 10 minutes of hands off reiki had put his head into my hands along with plenty of deep out breaths. Sceptical owner amazed and it helped the horse allow other strangers near his head too.

  3. I have 3 cats that adopted me, 1 is a Master 1 is a Grand Master and the other is very intuitive, when I have my Reiki shares which is usually monthly, they all take their turn on the table, regardless of what human is waiting their turn!!!! I do have a few photos…and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  4. Last winter we almost lost our dear, dear cat Spot to either nasal polyps or cancer (we never bothered with the tests). We used several natural modalities to work through it, so I can’t say that reiki was the ultimate cure. However, every night my husband John and I would stand by her while she lay on the bed and send her reiki. The first few times she seemed a little confused by her humans behavior, but once she realized what was going on, she would curl up and settle down to bask in the reiki. We felt like her personal heat lamp! Then, after about five minutes, she’d get up and walk away.

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