Feeling Good with Reiki Practice: What Good Is It?

Reiki Healing SpiritualA working senior and grandmother recently received a Reiki treatment. After her session, she felt so good about herself and her life that she decided to learn to practice Reiki for herself.

“I feel good” is among the most common responses to Reiki practice. It is such simple statement, and quite profound.

Feeling good is spiritual

Our culture displays rampant misunderstanding about spirituality, confusing it with either religion or New Age metaphysical beliefs.

But spirituality is neither of those things. Spirituality doesn’t involve belief or even other people; it’s very subjective and all about how we experience ourselves and our lives.

Feeling good about ourselves, feeling good about our lives — those are markers of spiritual healing.

Your spiritual self is spacious

Reiki practice brings easy access to our spiritual selves. It opens a sense of ease within us, an inner spaciousness replete with timeless peace. In that spaciousness, we recognize our essential selves as something other than our minds, the discomfort of our bodies, or the stress of our days.

That spaciousness dissolves the isolation that squeezes joy from our lives, so we navigate our relationships with greater patience, love and skill.

Aware of our spiritual core, we easily make smart choices that strengthen our happiness and health.

Hawayo Takata* stressed the importance of spiritual and mental healing. Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki practice, referred to his practice as the Secret to Inviting Happiness.

Happiness — feeling good — is our true nature; living that happiness is a spiritual attainment. Feeling good is the goal, feeling good from the inside, no matter what happens or doesn’t happen.

Feeling good is our birthright; it’s ours to earn. It takes a little effort, consistent effort. With thankfulness, work diligently. Practice.

*Hawayo Takata brought Reiki practice from Japan to Hawaii with her Reiki master Chujiro Hayashi, who was a direct student of Reiki founder Mikao Usui.


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6 thoughts on “Feeling Good with Reiki Practice: What Good Is It?”

  1. Love this article Pamela.

    Being happy, I agree is our birthright, but too often life interferes with achieving it.

    Reiki brought my happiness back to me after losing my mom and dropping into a deep depression. I was wrapped in grief like a blanket and could not let it go until Reiki.

    I raise my gratitude every day as I continue to self heal, that Reiki found me!!! What a beautiful, calm, meditative, awakening, enlightening practice that I cannot wait to share with others when I achieve level III.

    Thank you again Pamela, your writings always inspire me!!


    1. Barb, thank you for articulating my very same experience! The only difference is that I am a level III, and just beginning to share this practice that changed my life with others.

      I have come to appreciate universal timing, and that I needed years of self development and Reiki practice before I was confident in moving forward professionally. There is a feeling of knowing, excitement, and humbleness as I walk this path, that I accept happily, as my destiny.

      Thank you Pamela for your mentorship to us all!

      1. It’s truly my pleasure, Sandra! And kudos to you for realizing that it takes time to develop a solid foundation of self development that brings depth and integrity to practicing with others. Reiki practice is deceptively simple, and it is only through our own transformation that we realize how profound it truly is.

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