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Still Grateful after All These Years

22 November 2014

I was grateful to learn Reiki practice in early pregnancy. It was the beginning of a long love affair.

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Reiki Responses

15 November 2014

How do you respond to Reiki practice, and what do those responses tell us?

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First Degree Reiki Update

08 November 2014

The simple benefits of Reiki self practice are often the most important ones. A grandmother shares her experience of the months after her First degree Reiki class.

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Reiki Practice and Asperger’s

31 May 2014

A mother practices Reiki for her own healing, and to help her son who was diagnosed with Asperger’s.

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Reiki Eases Grief of Grandmother’s Death

26 April 2014

Just two months after leaving her First degree class, a mom’s Reiki practice eases her beloved grandmother’s death and her own grief.

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Daily Self Reiki Brings Joy

15 February 2014

Daily self Reiki practice only seems daunting until you taste the joy it brings; one Reiki student is surprised by the gifts a little discipline offers.

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Reiki Healing Mom’s Passing

08 February 2014

Reiki practice is a practice for life, no matter what life brings. Here is one woman’s story of her first few months of daily self-practice.

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Reiki Healing Back Pain & Underlying Emotional Issues

25 January 2014

Reiki healing can ease not only back pain that has not responded to other treatment, but also the underlying imbalances.

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Reiki Healing Eases Anxiety of Risk and Change

23 November 2013

Reiki healing brings confidence, reduces pain, and eases anxiety that prevents us from taking the risks needed to be happier and make needed changes.

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Reiki Lineage Comes Alive

26 October 2013

Reiki lineage comes alive when Maryland Reiki master Ellen Sosinski invites her master and her master’s master to meet her Reiki students.

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