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Still Grateful after All These Years

22 November 2014

I was grateful to learn Reiki practice in early pregnancy. It was the beginning of a long love affair.

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ReikiCentral Update

19 April 2014

Changes have come to ReikiCentral. Good changes. More for you, more for your friends.

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Secrets of Ayurveda for Reiki Practitioners

05 April 2014

Renowned teacher of Ayurveda Jai Dev Singh shares Ayurvedic secrets particularly useful for Reiki practitioners.

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01 February 2014

The mind craves certainty. Practicing consistently appeases the mind’s appetite for certainty and trains it to remain poised in uncertainty.

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Practice Equality

18 January 2014

Equality is real, but in order to know it, we need to experience it. That takes daily practice — Reiki practice, meditation practice, or another spiritual practice of your choice.

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One Simple Step to a Gratitude-Fueled Life

30 November 2013

Experiencing gratitude can transform your life. Here’s a simple gratitude practice even busy you have time for.

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Today Only: Stay Safe

19 October 2013

“Today only” reminds us to stay safe, to choose carefully where we take body and mind.

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Gone Writing…

24 August 2013

Gone writing. But not disappearing.

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Reiki Practice Reduces Anxiety, Improves Yoga Teaching

17 August 2013

Reiki practice opens an inner spaciousness, a sweet heart space in which anxiety and worry dissolve; one yoga teacher’s Reiki healing story.

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Reiki Healing Pain, Bringing Gentle Change

09 August 2013

The first three weeks of Reiki practice reduces anxiety and brings valuable, gentle changes.

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