Reiki Self-healing: A Platform for Change

Reiki HealingA Chinese saying warns that if we don’t change course, we will end up where we are heading. Mahatma Gandhi encouraged being the change we want to see in the world.

Do you recognize the need for change in your life but wonder if you’ll be able to change fast enough to make a difference?

Or do you want to change, but don’t know where to start, or what changes to make?

Starting at the beginning

Daily Reiki self-practice is a powerful platform for change, one that all of us can afford even in a tight economy.

Daily self-treatment is a sweet, powerful support that nourishes us and opens a space from which we can see beyond the surface confusion. Don’t you want to strengthen that avenue to grace in your life?

If you are not practicing self-treatment daily, why not start today? And consider adding contemplation of the Reiki Precepts to your daily practice.

Mindfully choosing change

When approaching change, avoid making choices based on fear. Observe your state. Are you feeling creative, or reactive?

Before committing to a course of action, give yourself a full Reiki treatment. Instead of obsessing about what to do, surrender to your practice experience, savoring the breath if you like, allowing your awareness to drop within.

Your practice session will bring you toward balance. When we are balanced, we are better able to sort through our options, and see possibilities we hadn’t considered before.

Let your daily Reiki practice support you in making wise, timely changes, ones you can sustain, and which will in turn sustain you.


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2 thoughts on “Reiki Self-healing: A Platform for Change”

    1. The reason to receive the initiation is to practice. Daily self-practice over time helps restore balance. No one can predict what that will mean for any individual, but lasting change takes time and the consistent effort of daily self-practice.

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