Learning to practice Reiki is a game-changer.  If you live with pain, you’ll never again be alone and helpless with it.

Your sleep will improve quickly, and when your sleep improves, everything that can improve, will improve also.

That’s because your body self-heals during deep, restorative sleep. If you’re awake during the night, if you wake up not feeling refreshed and optimistic about the day ahead, your life’s about to change significantly. 

I’m Pamela Miles, happy to offer my 30+ years of experience to guide you. Most people don’t realize there are no standards for Reiki practice, and rampant misinformation. 

I offer credible, reliable information to help you make a meaningful connection with Reiki practice, so you see how sweetly and effectively it can support you.

Reiki practice is safe because it’s balancing. There’s a physiologic response to Reiki practice that helps you quickly feel better, function better, and make better choices. Reiki can safely help you in any situation, even when it’s not the only care you need. And because Reiki practice is balancing, it supports any needed medical care without interference.

You can receive Reiki treatment from a professional or a Reiki-trained friend, but learning Reiki self practice is by far your best investment. The beginning practice is easily learned and that’s all the training most people need.

That said, all things Reiki are not the same, and you want to do a little research so you find a Reiki master and class that’s a good match for you. Here’s what you need to find a good class, and information about my trainings:

I’ve been practicing Reiki since 1986, frequently collaborating in conventional medicine, teaching at Yale medical school, presenting at Harvard and the National Institutes of Health, implementing programs at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia and other hospitals and academic medical centers. 

I teach traditional Reiki practice, as it was taught by Hawayo Takata, who brought Reiki from Japan in the 1930s, without any New Age add-ons. Any information you read here is credible, documented, and based on years of experience.

Please read stories of how Reiki practice has helped people like you in my Reiki Stories section.

If you want to receive treatment from a professional, you’ll need help finding a credible Reiki professional.

Want even more in-depth information? My book REIKI: A Comprehensive Guide gives strategies for finding a credible, qualified Reiki professional or teacher.

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– Pamela Miles

Helpful Videos

Beginner Reiki Trainings I Offer

Pamela Miles - Self Reiki Practice
Reiki Self Care Online -
Learn Reiki practice from the comfort of your home.
Student practicing giving Reiki session in Reiki training with Pamela Miles
Reiki Training in NYC -
Learn Reiki live in New York City (When allowed)

REIKI: A Comprehensive Guide by Pamela Miles

Want even more in-depth information? My book REIKI: A Comprehensive Guide gives strategies for finding a credible, qualified Reiki professional or teacher. You can purchase it at the link or find it at your local book seller. 

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